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Tired of floating equipment that clips with everything?

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* * * UPDATE: Realistic Weapon Positions 1.11 is now live! This update now includes a single file download, a handy NMM installer, several new weapon loadouts (including Frostfall compatibility), and even it's own .esp * * *

What's Next? --- The next update will feature a single skeleton download with the ability to switch loadouts on the fly through the MCM. What does this mean? Change your weapon positions in game! You'll even be able to choose individual weapon positions - e.g. right dagger in boot, and left dagger on chest! I will also aim to add animations to the individual weapon positions, which will change on the fly as well!

Description: So I was tired of seeing weapons and shields floating in the air like magic, and even worse, clipping like it's going out of style. This mod aims to fix a large majority of that.

Please keep in mind that this is a skeleton replacer ONLY. The animations for this will probably be messed up. However, with Immersive Animations, and some clever tweaking, you can get it looking damn good.

This works best with Immersive Animations Sword and Board and a tweaked sword and dagger.


-Shields that rest on the quiver, not float in the air

-Daggers are now in several possible places

-Bow is slung across the body over the left shoulder and sits behind the other weapons

-The left hand sword is now in on the left back shoulder

-The shield, quiver, daggers, bow, and other weapons now move with armor, reducing clipping

-Vanilla shields, IA shields, and SkyforgeShields have been specially tweaked to sit in the right place (even the gigantic dwarven shield)


XP32 Maximum skeleton. (make sure you install BEFORE this)


**Install XP32 Maximum skeleton FIRST (doesn't matter which one, as this skeleton replaces it)**
Easy Way: Use NMM
Hard Way: Extract the files you want and install. If you are doing the hard way, I presume you know what you're doing.

Load Order:

Make sure this mod shows up LAST in your order (yes, even after skyre, reproccer, and dual sheath redux). That's the safest way.


This is just a skeleton replacer (and shield mesh replacer), so it should be compatible with everything, except other skeleton replacers, obviously.

Recommended mods:

-I HIGHLY recommend you use these mods along with this-

Dual Sheath Redux,
Armed to the teeth (easy version or regular)
Equipping Overhaul,
Immersive Animations,
Private Selective Quivers
Custom Races (so you don't see just EVERYONE walking around with daggers floating on their backs)
(just make sure you install this last)

Known Bugs / Issues:

This mod eliminates a lot of clipping, but certainly not ALL of it. Both Ebony and Stahlrim quivers are huge and love to clip with everything. There is still a considerable amount of clipping with certain bow / shield combinations, and both battleaxes and warhammers get very clippy with the quiver.

Also, you shouldn't use crossbows. Just don't. They pierce the body and it's just awful.
However, I will release a version that fixes the crossbow soon.

-If you want a different position of weapons (bows, swords, daggers, etc.) let me know and I will add it to the next update-
-If you have any shields, daggers, or whatever that doesn't work well with this, let me know, and I'll try to get it fixed-