Succubus Race degraded by fantasy19
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Added: 19/01/2014 - 04:16PM
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Purpose of this mod: Makes succubus race slightly to my preferences.
- Powers only works on men now.
- Race uses SeveNBase body and is still for females only, male ends up nord male.
- Succubus for this mod has almost the same abilities as its ancestor mod. Just that the visuals are different and some abilites are more simplified.
- Succubus loses their powers should they be turned into vampires.
- Intended for those who did not intend to use SKSE for the race.
Hopefully others can have an easier time making succubus follower with this i hope ?
I'm still thinking of a backstory since my original intention was making this a resource.

1: You can become succubus like how you turned vampire now. However, you have to be infected as one of the vanilla races in order for the cure to work for now. Custom races are not supported for cure YET. However, there is no made succubus NPCs yet. So infection through an another character is currently not possible, you have to do it through console.
2: Fix for neck seam done by using SG Female renewal textures now.
3: Changes in scripts in the way Succubus Form power cooldown works.
4: Some Major changes:
-Succubus is now only available through disease.
-You can't turn succubus into if you are already werewolf or vampire.
-No need to fight daedra for cure anymore.
-Supports cure for all race now.
-Uninstall the previous version of the mod.
- Changing race when you are succubus race will now change back to succubus race unless cured.
- Cleaned updates into the latest version.

To get infected: (For now)
1. use console to add a spell named succuburis.
2. eat fire salt.
3. wait for a day in game's time.

-For players facing the problem of their infection, reload your save or duplicate your current save.

Any mod that uses the regular sized Jeremy might conflict with it.

Tweaks will still be done to the transformation to balance it.
Again, comment if any problems. I will try to fix them.