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Adds more immersive sleep effects.

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Just sleep adds some more immersive effects to sleeping and to the lack of it.

There are five stages of tiredness:

Well Rested - Skill improve 10% faster.
Content - No Effect
Tired - Skill improve 25% slower, carry weight -30.
Very Tired - Skills improve 50% slower, carry weight -60, movement speed -20%.
Exhausted - Skills improve 75% slower, carry weight -90, movement speed - 30%.

You get a notification when the stages change, and you can see your current stage in your active effects menu.
For stages tired through exhausted there's also an optional screen effect, getting progressively harsher on each stage. The chance for these can be changed through the configuration menu, or be disabled completely.

The way it works is by having tiredness points, and those accumulate automatically as time passes and decrease while sleeping. The points go from 0 to 140, where 0 is fully rested. The stages start at:

0 - Well Rested
25 - Content
45 - Tired
65 - Very tired
90 - Exhausted

By default you get 4 points per hour, which means going from fully rested (0) to tired (45) takes just over 11 game hours. Recovery rate is almost double the exhaustion rate, so you don't need to sleep as long as it takes to get tired.

You can change the exhaustion and recovery rates through the MCM menu.
Or, the exhaustion rate can also be changed through console:
set JS_ExhaustionRate to 4
where 4 is the default rate of 4 points per hour in this case.

Versions 1.1 and up require SkyUI and SKSE.
Version 1.0 doesn't have the MCM menu and works without either, and will stay available alongside newer versions. You can still use the console command to change the exhaustion rate with it.


I recommend getting Realistic needs and diseases instead if you want to have hunger as well in your game. I preferred to just have the sleep effects, so I made this mod instead, though the sleep effects are pretty much the same.


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