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A lighting/weather plugin and ENB preset, designed to work together.

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[size=+2]WHAT IT IS[/size]

This release contains an esp file and ENB files. The esp modifies all
standard weathers including clear, cloudy, foggy, rain, overcast, and
snowy for more natural colors and atmospheric effects. The ENB preset
was developed in tandem to take advantage of the more normalized values
(no strange ambient or fog colors, for example.) A few new weathers are
added, including cloudless versions of the clear weathers as well as a
generic overcast weather. A full list of edited weathers can be found in
the _weatherlist INI file in the enbseries folder.

It is an intensive preset, with nearly all effects enabled at varying quality to
achieve the results in the screenshots. Turning effects off for
performance reasons will obviously affect the way it looks.

Using the plugin or the preset on their own is not advised. The preset is
tuned for specific conditions such as fog and different ambient values
for varying times of day, using it with the vanilla weather or other
mods like Climates of Tamriel will result in something probably pretty
ugly, though you're welcome to tweak it to your heart's content.

The NLA plugin can be used with any other ENB, but will probably require
some preset tweaking as well. Here are some other great ENB presets that use
the weather plugin:
Aeon ENB by LucidAPs
Vanilla Ice Cream ENB, Dovah Nakiin ENB by machok
Natural Realism for NLA by Lunayah
Skyrim Enhanced Shaders NLA by tapioks

This is a work in progress. If you notice any funny looking colors or values
open up the ENB UI, tick the weather window and take note of the
weather ID and time of day so I know where to look to make adjustments.

[size=+2]v2.0 RELEASED[/size]

A more refined version of the test release. Included a couple new weathers (SkyrimOvercastWar, FXSkyrimStormBlowingGrass.)

[size=+2]WHAT YOU NEED[/size]

You will need to download the latest ENB files (currently v.0269), as well as the enbhelper.dll for time of day and multiple weather configuration support.

Latest ENB files can be found here:, these files should be placed in the Skyrim folder along with the unpacked files provided with NLA.

The helper plugin can be found here:, this should be placed inside the enbseries folder along with all the effect and weather config files.

For ENBSeries to work properly the following values must be set to 1 in SkyrimPrefs.ini:

Make sure you're editing the SkyrimPrefs.ini in your Documents folder, not the actual game folder.

Please follow the installation instructions included in the ENB download. I don't provide general ENB support. If you have problems unrelated to this specific mod visit ENBdev and request assistance.

I also highly recommend downloading Mindflux's particle patch if you want everything to look right, as well as his other patches and bonus files (his green grass can be seen in my pics). Find them here, in the user's general download section of the forum (direct linking to forums is disabled): Mindflux's particle patch


Q: Why is there no enblocal.ini in your download?
A: Enblocal.ini will be generated when you run the game. You're meant to select your own AA options and configure the memory settings based on your system specs. Check the STEP guide here to see what it all means if you're unfamiliar.

Q: I'm trying to adjust values through the UI, but it's not doing anything.
A: This enb uses weather-specific config files, so editing the general enbseries.ini won't have any effect unless IgnoreWeatherSystem is enabled for a specific category. To edit these config files you have to open the secondary weather window in the UI (the shader window is open by default) and adjust the active weather ini.

Q: How do I make nights/interiors brighter?
A: You can adjust lighting intensities from the weather window, although to keep things consistent across the game you'll have to change the same values in each weather.ini file. Alternately you can edit the enbeffect.fx config from the shader window which contains day/night/interior separated postprocessing effects like brightness or gamma.

[size=+2]WHAT I USE[/size]

Some of the mods I use and recommend that can be seen in the screens:

Terrain, grass, and trees
Tamriel Reloaded HD - 4k Parallax Terrain
Tamriel Reloaded Grasses, Plants, and Shrubs
Unique Grasses and Groundcovers
Skyrim Flora Overhaul

Sky and clouds
Vivid Clouds and Fogs
Enhanced Night Skyrim

Distant terrain, LOD
Distant Detail
High Quality LODs

Object and environment models and textures
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Farmhouse and Villages HD Textures
Real Roads for Skyrim

Water and Ice
Real Ice
Realistic Water Two
Watercolor for ENB

Character models and textures
Immersive Armors
Skysight Skins (males)
DIMONIZED UNP (females, works well with subsurface scattering)



Thanks to Boris for his work on ENBSeries, it's only because of him Skyrim can look like this.
Matso for his DOF and other prepass effects. Make sure to check out Skyrim Visual Immersion.
Kyo (K-ENB) for his sunsprite effects, along with Matso and JawZ.
scegielski for his Enhanced ENB Nighteye.
All the modders for the models, textures, and other enhancements that allow Skyrim to look the best it can.

Feel free to use the plugin or preset in your own releases, I would only ask to be credited.