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Want to be a God in Skyrim with one sip of a potion? Then this mod is for you, this potion will add 85 to every skill.

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With one Daedra Heart and one Human Heart you can craft the Ultimate Potion of Leveling to increase every skill by 85 giving you 100 in all of them. If your really felling frisky you can legendary your skills and do it all over again to get more perks. FYI you need to be level 252 to have every perk.* New with version 1.1 there is a Satchel of Hearts located in the Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood on the Alchemy table with 11 human and 11 Daedra Hearts.

This mod doesn't require any DLC to work. This mod goes very well with my other mod located here Dragonborn Crafting Hall it has a DLC version and a non DLC version and includes every ingredient in the game. If going up 85 skill points is too much for you, in my other mod it includes a Potion of Leveling that gives you 15 points to every skill.

Please endorse this mod if you enjoy this potion.

*If you want to have every perk in game you need to be level 252, it only takes 10 Ultimate leveling potions to hit that level. After the first potion that makes you level 81 you need to legendary all the skills after each potion you use for the next 8 potions (you will be level 250 after that). Then you only need to legendary any 3 skills you want and use the final potion to hit level 252 and have all 251 perk points to get every perk in game. Do not make every skill legendary with the 10th potion or you perk points will reset. Please note you should wait for the text telling you all your skills are at 100 to stop before you Legendary your skills and take another potion for added game stability.