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Feyria Tywèle is a follower which you can skill how you want.

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Feyria Tywèle is a follower mod which is not like every other. You are not limited on how the author of the follower has skilled it. You can skill her like you want.
With every level your character gets Feyria gets one too. Similar to you character you can increase the attributes and skills of Feyria. Skills will cost 100 gold per point and attributes are free to increase. Every level you will be able to distribute 10 attribute- and 10 skillpoints
You distribute the points via the mod configuration menu (MCM). But the distribution of the attribute- and skillpoints is just one thing that makes Feyria special.

You can find Feyria at the Mixwatermill in the worker‘s house. Just talk with her and you can take her as a follower.

When Feyria’s alchemy skill is at 20 you can let her brew potions and poisons for you. The poison/potion will cost 50 gold, at alchemy 40 it will cost 100 gold, at 60 150 gold, at 80 200 gold and at 100 250 gold. For each step you will also get a stronger potion/poison. You can choose a poison/potion for health, magicka or stamina.

Combat Styles:
You can choose from 5 different combat styles, if you talk to her about it.
  • Melee: Feyria will only use melee weapons and she will be very offensive
  • Defensive: Feyria will concentrate on blocking and use her shield mainly for blocking and bashing
  • Dual Wield: Feyria will use a melee weapon in each hand and will be as offensive as in the melee combat style
  • Magic Feyria will only use offensive spells and she will stay at distance
  • Ranged: Feyria will only use bows and crossbows and she will stay at distance
  • Universal: Feyria will use the spells and weapons which do the most damage at the moment

When you have completed to quest The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller you can teach Feyria to use the Thu’um. But there are other requirements to do that:
  • Completing the quest The Horn of Jurgen Windcaller
  • Speechcraft at 33
  • Knowledge of one of these 3 shouts:
    1. Unrelenting Force
    2. Frostbreath
    3. Firebreath
For every 33 Points in speechcraft you can teach Feyria one more shout. Only the 3 shouts mentioned above are possible.

When Feyria’s lockpickingskill reaches 20 you can let her pick locks for you. She needs a skill of 20 to pick novice locks, 40 for apprentice locks, 60 for adept locks, 80 for expert locks and 100 for master locks. To let her pick a lock you have to map a key in the MCM under the settings category first. Then you can target the lock, press the mapped key and she will pick the lock. A message in the top left corner of you display will tell you about success or failure.

Of course you can teach Feyria different spells. Just talk with her and tell her that you want her to learn the spell in your right hand. You can check her spells in the MCM under the spells category.

  • SkyUI – newest Version
  • SKSE – newest Version

With Nexus Mod Manager:
  • Click the Download with Manager button on the files tab and double click it in the manager to activate it.

With manual installation:
  • Click download manually and choose a server
  • Extract the 7zip-file
  • Copy the *.bsa and *.esp file into your skyrim/data folder (usually located under steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/data)

  • I don’t exactly know if Feyria is compatible with follwer overhauls like UFO and AFT. I have not tested it. But if you want you can test it and tell me the result.
  • She is compatible with EFF
  • Otherwise Feyria should be compatible with every other mod.

General Information
I could need feedback regarding the combat styles. So for example if you think that she is too aggressive with the melee combat style just tell me. I guess I will tweak them more than once.
Known Bugs
  • When you teach her a spell you will get a notification saying "LOOKUP FAILED", normally it should say "Feyria learned the spell successfully."
  • The set combat style does not get remembered. So if you save your game, quit the game, start it again and load that save the combat style will reset to "Universal".