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First: English is not my native language,so sorry if I spelled something wrong.

Second: I made this mod for myself when I couldn't find a suitable home for my character. Funny how often I read the same line in someone else's mod:)
Since I rarely use followers and I REALLY suck at navmeshing this mod hasn't been navmeshed.
This means that this island home is all yours and yours alone!
You can ride a horse in your bedroom though!!!:D

Skyrim with the latest update

Placed on an island near heartwood mill, this warrior's home will provide all the basic needs for your character. Full forge is placed outside,cooking and enchanting station insade. There is also a chopping block nearby to the north. There are a few named chests for easy sorting plus a number of sacks,barrels and other nonrespawnable storage containers. You also get a safe with a few items inside.There isn't much clutter,I wanted to keep it simple,but there are 4 weapon racks and 2 mannequins though. For more info check the screenshots. There is a set of custom armor and a sword,if you don't like it disenchant or sell or throw it in the water,your choice.

It may confict with mods that edit the location or items used in this mod.

None that I know of except the mannequin wandering of(that's just skyrim being skyrim:))
There's a mannequin bug fix somewhere on nexus if you don't have it yet

If anyone wants to do the navmesh be my guest,just credit the author and keep it on the nexus.
The same applies to any other work done to this mod.

To Bethesda,The makers of an awesome game & the creation kit
To all the modders who inspire many of us to try
creating something different