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The Little Dinghy

by williewest10

Originally Created for my personal use and CK practice, I decided to release it.

The Little Dinghy is a small starting "home" based inside of an abandoned fishing boat just outside of whiterun. Just follow the river from the Main Gate of Whiterun east, and you'll see the dinghy "beached" on the side of the river.
It was created as a bare-minimum, fresh out of Helgen, level 1-10 player home.

Pic Explanations:
3rd: Overhead view with the Whiterun Outskirts Market. Top-left you can see the Stables, and middle-right you can see The Little Dinghy.
6th-7th: Donation Sack. It respawns, giving the illusion that people are giving you items.
12th and first: Player is warming hands via the Dohvakiin Relaxes Too mod.

1 bed roll
1 Donation Sack (Respawns)
1 Storage Sack in the boat
1 half-hidden strongbox
1 Fire (Frostfall friendly)

-Map Marker
-Extinguishable/relight-able fire.


Known Conflicts:
Immersive Settlements

Note on conflicts:
If I find that a conflict is minor, then there is barely a chance that it will be fixed. If I do fix a conflict with another mod, it will be a standalone, optional file. I will NOT relocate my entire house, if it is a minority to me.


Mods seen in screenshots:
Warming Hands:
Whiterun Outskirts:

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You may not use this in any way/shape/form except personal use. You may not update this mod without my permission, and you may not put it on any other site. This is only for the Nexus as of right now.

Thanks: Bethesda, for Skyrim and Creation Kit.