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Food barrels will now give ingredients and sacks will give out a small bit of ore.

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Better Loot From Food Barrels and Sacks


All this mod does is make food barrels give ingredients and sacks give ore.


Because I want to look into barrels and sacks and find stuff that I actually use. I've got over 1400 hours into Skyrim and have never cooked anything. I want a reason to search sacks and barrels. No more heads of lettuce or carrots. At least not in barrels or sacks.

What have I done?

All food barrels will now have ingredients. Fish barrels are not touched. Chance of common ingredients are not bad, much smaller chance of uncommon ingredients and real small chance of rare ingredients. Some barrels may have little or none, some may be loaded. As for sacks, I've changed them to have a chance of ores. Again some are more rare than others. Finding ebony ore is ridiculously rare. (3% chance for example).

Who is this for?

Non purists who may be tired of getting potatoes and leeks and don't mind finding extra ingredients or ore.

Is this a cheat?

I don't think so. If a dead wolf can have some gold on it, why can't a sack have ore?


Put esp in Skyrim data folder or use NMM.