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    4.25 ALPHA Build
    NOTE: If 3.13 is working fine for you, you may want to keep using it until I fix a few bugs with 4.25. Thanks for all your patience and understanding.
    Thank you everybody for bringing any bugs to my attention. I have been going through them and replying, but it has become significantly more difficult with the amount of comments. Here is a list of bugs that I have confirmed, which I plan to fix for the next update (which will be soon). If a bug is too annoying for you now, feel free to revert to an older version.
    - Magic and unarmed combat requires 'ammo' when you directly swap from a bow. Until I fix this, a solution is to unequip you currently equipped weapon (most likely a bow) before equipping your spell.
    - Stutter when drawing a new weapon after swapping unsheathed weapons directly. This occurs only when you equip a weapon without unequipping your currently equipped weapon. Both this issue and the issue above occur because the engine interprets the last display item (Geared Up item) equipped as the item in your right hand until something new is equipped. To fix this I made the script quickly unequip and equip you main hand weapon when a display weapon is shown. Technically this is not game breaking, but to avoid it unequip your currently equipped weapon before equipping a new one. If you always plan to do follow this solution then you can also disable the Temporary Fix in the MCM menu. When disabled the mod should become more stable because it no longer attempts to refresh the main hand weapon.
    - Favouriting items via a controller does nothing. I will fix this asap. For now use a keyboard to favourite things.
    - Staves and other equipment take a few seconds to appear when favourited if your computer is low end. This is because my scripts have to parse the player inventory to find what has been favourited. With my current resources there are no ways to fix this. The parser is very optimized, so you shouldn't have any issues really.
    - Currently the mod checks to make sure you don't have an item equipped on you left hip that is already displayed on your right hip and vice versa (if you have less than two of the item). The mod does not yet recheck things when you change what is favourited, so it may not reshow stuff. I'm fixing this asap. Sorry about that.
    - Sometimes auto-dropped equipment floats. I'm fixing this once again.
    - Bound weapons are doing funny things again. Fixing this as soon as possible.
    - Lots of bugs appearing with torches all of a sudden. I didn't refactor torches in when I changed Realistic Unequip.
    Issues Not Caused By My Mod Alone
    - A few armours on the Nexus utilize some of the unnamed body slots that I use. Currently there are no more slots remaining after factoring in backpacks, cloaks, and bandoliers. I'm brainstorming on a fix for this and I may have thought of one. If the fix takes me a while to do, then I will update the mod to allow you to choose the slots in the MCM menu (for those who don't use bandoliers and/or backpacks and/or cloaks) as a temporary fix.
    - If stuff is appearing at your feet that is an issue with your skeleton mod (or lack thereof). I will be adding a Vanilla position based skeleton to this mod in the next update, for those who are confused by XPMS. If you use another skeleton, just replace mine with the one you use (install the other skeleton after my mod).
    - Left hand equipment isn't showing, or staffs/shields on back aren't showing. Make sure you have the DSR meshes. Also, if you have a backpack on, the shield probably won't show up because DSR mesh packs don't have backpack distanced meshes. I'm going to make some of these eventually.
  2. DragonDude1029
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    Seeing as this is an overhaul, it's going to get a few more features and upgrades before we're through! Everything added will be completely MCM configurable. This means all hotkeys for added features can be reassigned and all added features can be toggle off. Also, all hotkeys can be individually toggled off so you don't have to waste you precious key binds if you don't want a certain hotkey! Here's the plans:

    Features I'm Diligently Working On
    - Removing the need for mesh packs entirely. This will take some time, but I have an idea on how to do it.
    - Sheathing shields onto your back for all those people who miss it.
    - More tweaking for less clipping with shield on back. It will distance the shield if anything is displayed on back.
    - Displaying favourited torches!
    - Merger with Realistic Weapon Positions.
    - Proper armor equipping (think: Armor Animations with realistic animations for each type of equipment and some special features)
    - Multilingual support. Integrated directly into the main version of the mod.

    Possible Features for a Future Update
    - NPCs. It is completely possible, but I won't work on it until Geared Up and Dual Sheaths is 100% complete and stable.
    - Optional method to auto-equip picked up weapons/items
    - Optional dropped lit torch fire spread
    - Torches extinguishing based on dampness and time.
    - Auto-unequip arrows (will have arrows equipped when bow is in favorites or equipped, auto-unequips otherwise)

    If you have more suggestions voice them in the comments!
  3. Demonfr34k
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    Is it possible to use this with SSE? It only seems to have an esp, so does it just need to be re-saved in CK? Or is this not possible?
    1. Resurrective
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      It works just fine.
    2. InflamedNinga
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      how did you get it to work in SSE?
    3. SHADOW2KK
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      It works fine without porting, but you can just load the esp into CK, and resave if you want, I tried it both ways and it worked fine.
    4. darksynth0
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      but it includes SKSE related stuff, shouldn't this require any kind of reverse engineering work to make it function in SSE's MCM and what not?
    5. XaAaX Xocoatl
      XaAaX Xocoatl
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      Yeah I gave this a shot on SE and it doesn't seem to play nice, resaved or not, which is a shame.

      Edit: Got it working, the stable 3.13 version in tandem with the SE mod "All Geared Up". One thing that I've discovered which isn't a huge issue is that using a vanilla hotkey for the favourites menu leaves a sheathed right hand weapon in place while it's actually drawn, but curiously when equipping it manually from the menu it works fine, some food for thought. Maybe a hotkey mod can rectify this. The alpha version of this mod seems to cause crashes due to it's dual sheath/wield nature vs AGU SE or possibly just in general, so I wouldn't recommend it. Besides, using Ecotone Dual Sheath, All Geared Up and this mod together seems to do the trick. Will report back on long term usage.
  4. AnonimNieGal
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    This mod is great, adds a lot of immersion to 3rd person mode, but I have one problem.
    When I turn off vampire lord form, this mod stops working. I need to go to MCM and disable and enable mod again in order to see my equipped stuff.
    The same happends when i revert werewolf form.
    How can I solve this problem?
  5. Skybroom
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    Guys, I need some help here!
    New to this mod. And it looks like 'Geared Up' function doesn't work for me. Neither I can equip multiple weapon, nor I can see the option of toggling slots in MCM:

    I know there's something missing in this menu
  6. TheRealGiraffe
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    Is there another mod that just allows you to keep a sword on your back when it's unequipped? Sick of trying to make DSR work. 
    1. Rodderick90
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      visible favorite gear
  7. Farchild
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    Not sure if this has anything to do with this mod, but I got myself turned into a vampire, and when I did, this mod stopped working for me. It started working for me as soon as I used the console to change my race back to non-vampire. Does anybody know why that is, or how to fix it?
    1. DanAlbro
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      I had the same issue today. When I left the game to find an answer, then came back, it seemed to fix itself. I'm running v3.12.
  8. dda50
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    This mod is in the list of Enderal Compatible mods, but when this is enabled, meshes are missing in the Forgotten Temple, disabling this mod fixed it.
  9. Jatblues
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    dunno why but when i disable realistic changing weapon, for example im using bow then changing into sword without sheath it, i swinging a bow/crossbow like it was a sword lmao, i had no idea
  10. ginosalieri
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    Endorse this mod god work
  11. Wolfar15
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    So does anyone know if this works in SSE with XMPSSE and if so which version of this mod I should use? I've read about people crashing when using this mod together with XPMSSE. I've also had this mod converted on my game at one point before with everything activated correctly but none of my favorited weapons would show up. So I know how to convert the file but how do I actually get this to work in SE and will it work with XPMSSE?
    1. ezerio
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      Yup it works flawlessly with sse. Just use the version 3.13. All you have to do is to save the esp to CK to change the form version to 44 still optional if you're not really an OC type of person lol.
  12. shahzebktk
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    This is Abondoned?