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  • Mod Direction and Merger

    Hey everybody, just a quick long update on progress for you all. I'm sure many of you are disappointed by the new update, mainly because it isn't nearly as seamless as the original mod. This disappoints me as well; I fear I have broken all three of my modding rules in one go. My mods must be immersive. My mods must be seamless. And lastly, my mods must be compatible.

    The main reason things have gone wrong is that I rushed the update. I recommend that anyone who had 3.13 working properly keeps with that rather than updating. Actually I plan to make a quick update that reverts to 3.13's code with a few minor fixes. Maybe. Following that, I will be going back to the drawing board. There are chunks of code in 4.25 that are perfect and there are chunks that ar...

  • Release Delay and Page Design

    DragonDude1029 here once again! Today I bring you some bad news. It is most definitely bad news, but it's not really that big of a deal in the long run.

    First thing I need to mention is the release has been delayed from its original date of February 10th. Instead, it has been moved to February 14th. This date was chosen to be realistic, but I plan to be complete earlier than that. The point is, it probably won't be ready for tomorrow.

    Why you ask? Well I broke the Papyrus compiler somehow. I have fixed it, but that cost me two days of progress. Another reason is that, like I said before, I need to ensure the mod is perfect. That means I'm also going back over the code again to ensure everything works well. Also, I had an idea that may all...

  • Inventory Overhaul PreWIP

    DragonDude1029 here with an all new idea! I've been mulling an idea over for quite a while now and today I decided to put all of my ideas on paper. The idea is Inventory Overhaul, the sister mod of Equipping Overhaul.

    So one of the largest annoyances in Skyrim is the system of encumbrance. I understand its purpose and I think it's an almost realistic idea. The problem is, what you can carry isn't just based on weight, but it is also based on volume. Inventory Overhaul will aim to fix that. The primary purpose will be to realistically define what a person can carry when it comes to amount of items based on their corresponding size and shape.

    One thing that I think is notable is that the inventory in RPGs like Skyrim is treated like a bag of ho...

  • Ongoing Rewrite and Awesomeness Cont'd

    DragonDude1029 again, here to keep you informed and excited about the upcoming updates! Make sure to check out the last article, or else this article may not make sense.

    So as you know, I've scrapped Beth's code for Geared Up. I initially constructed a functional system mainly utilizing armour addons. This worked well, but had a bunch of downsides, including:
    1. There was a notable flash when the displayed equipment reset, such as when you favourited a new item or when you equipped and item over the favourite slot. I fixed this by buffering the refreshes, which led to the next issue.
    2. Refreshes were slightly slow.
    3. Honestly the code became very messy very quickly.
    4. I couldn't silence the unequip sounds that occurred every time ...

  • Ongoing Rewrite and Awesomeness

    Hey everybody, DragonDude1029 here!

    So I've started into the left hand weapon stuff and it's going pretty darn well. Staves (staffs) is going to be quite simple also! Notably I've basically finished the shield thing too. All this in only 24 hours :D

    Now here's the situation. I just got some HD textures for my char and realized how broken things were if NiNode updates weren't quick enough in the current released version of the mod. Atop that, I also now see how dumb the flashing of the weapons is (when pressing hotkeys or going in menus). Why should the weapons disappear and reapper? How unimmersive. I also found out how bad the stutter can be for people.

    I've come to the conclusion to entirely scrap my fixes for...