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Adds eight female wing tattoos and three male ones. Requires RaceMenu 2.1.5.

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Happy modding!

Users of RaceMenu 3.0+, the menu options have changed! My paints will
continue to show up, however, you will need to press the right arrow to
scroll through options until you get to "body paint". This is at the
very top of the sliders menu, NOT grouped with the other options in the
far right corner! So hooray, this is compatible after all.

So after nearly three decades living without allergies this polar vortex hubbub kicked something up and knocked me on my ass. So this is what I've done with my spare time, woo. No pretty mod page tho sorry.

What it is

This is a set of back tattoos for men and women, utilizing RaceMenu's overlay feature. So you can slap one of these bad boys on your character and be super kewl and unique, changin' colors and glows and all that fun freaky stuff.

It's nothing spectacular, I know, but I like them, and maybe you will, too!

How it's used

If you're unfamiliar with RaceMenu's overlay system, what you do is (either at character creation or console > showracemenu) look up at the top bar. On the right side you'll see a footprint, a hand, and a little dude. That little dude is the overlay menu. Hover your cursor over the first slot (labeled Default if you've never used it), and press T to bring up available textures. These wings textures are labeled just as they are in the screenshots. Female/Male - WingsXX. Easy peasy.

Tips n Tricks

redlantern clued me into the fact that if you position the camera behind your character and use the TFC command in console before using showracemenu, you can see your back while you make adjustments.

I didn't know that. Maybe you didn't either, and I just helped you learn something.

RaceMenu 2.1 or later.

Female textures were made using UNP, though I'd expect they'd look fine on any body replacer. Wouldn't recommend vanilla, though, since the tattoo would run over the bra. Probably.

Male textures were made using SoS's body replacer (FavoredSoul, I b'lieve is what it's based on), and I'm pretty sure it really doesn't matter what you use in this case. Unless you're using a body replacer that has a MUSCLE BRA! painted on.


Use NMM or drop the Data folder contained in the 7zip archive into your Skyrim folder.


Probably best to remove any tatts from your character first. Make a new save, then remove:

Skyrim/Data/RMOverlays - Wings.esp


Give me them.


Do whatever you like with these things. They're even loose so you don't have to decompress nothin'. Make them better, make them worse, turn them into a feathery Che Guevara shirt for your bourgie suburban hipster playthrough. The world is your oyster! Just credit me or something.


Obsidian Dawn (external link) - is where I got a few of the brushes.
Tribal Brushes (external link) by DusterAmaranth

The rest are an unholy amalgamation of what I had from ages past lying on my hard drive. This is basically my first artistic venture since my brain injury yay!

Also thanks to vinnewryan who made vwr RaceMenu Mod Maker which made this a lot less of a pain than it could have been!

And thanks to you guys what are so awesome.

I don't think I'm forgetting anything, but my eyes are on fire so I'ma go for now.