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Enchanted Visual and Magical Effects
Adds 7 new armors (3 light, 3 heavy, 1 cloth) that are enchanted with special effects. Each armor has a new visual effect that surrounds the character, such as swirls of frost or magic, and a combination of practical effects. Balanced to be useful but not overpowered.

Armors CAN be disenchanted. If you apply their enchantment to your own body armor, it will get both the visual effects and the magic stats. Whether the newly enchanted item is stronger or weaker than the original depends on your enchanting skill, perks, soul gem used, etc.

No scripts are used in this mod! It should be perfectly safe and compatible with everything.

The screenshots kind of stink at showing what the effects look like, since they're particle effects that move. Thank you to izon87604/Nozi87 for making this video!

Detailed Armor List and Locations

Burning Heart Armor
Base type: Orcish armor
Location: Dushnikh Mine
Enchanted with: 20 health, +30% resist fire

Frozen Heart Armor
Base type: Fur armor
Location: Skyborn Altar
Enchanted with: 20 health, +30% resist frost

Poisoner's Touch Armor
Base type: Hide armor
Location: Serpent's Bluff Redoubt
Enchanted with: 20 health, +20% poison strength, +40% resist poison

Maormer Armor - Maormer Spirit
Base type: Recolored elven
Location: Brinewater Grotto
Enchanted with: water breathing, +10% spell damage

Wrathful Armor - Wrath
Base type: Steel plate
Location: Gallows Rock
Enchanted with: 50 health, +20% to 1h/2h/archery

Archaeologist's Armor - Archaeology
Base type: Ancient Nord Armor
Location: Ironbind Barrow
Enchanted with: 20 health, +20% to fortify conjuration

Psijic Raiment - Psijic Power
Base type: Psijic Robes
Location: The Midden Dark
Enchanted with: 20 mp, +15% spell dmg

Version History
- Added 7 armors and effects

None known.

Just Skyrim (with an updated patch of course).


This mod was created by Deandra aka Merilia.

No permission is required for you to use the items I created in your own modding work, but please give credit as appropriate. I love hearing from people who have used my work in their own mods.