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Last updated at 15:51, 30 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 9:48, 9 Jan 2014

Located down the river from Ivarstead.
The newest member to the collection of unique player homes around Skyrim.

Fast-Travel marker on the map
Outdoor Chests that share the same items as inside
Outdoor Crafting areas
Horse friendly meadow
Front gate (guarded by a spirit who holds the key)
Merchant's quarters

Bedroom genuinely equipped with tools (try shooting at the map with your bow)
NPCs to liven things up
Barracks or Dorms for followers and NPCs to live
Training area
Vault for special Armour and Weapons
Secret passage to the Merchant's quarters
Kitchen and cook
working Jail and guards (perfect for vampires)
light switches in case it is too dark or lighting is buggy
Elevator because its awesome
Chests that connect to other chests
Dinner time is at 6:00!

To Do
update the vault
change around lighting to make an ENB safe version
add special Erovén Arrows and spells
Create a quest that dives under the Erovén Beacon.

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Manual Installation
To install the mod without the Nexus Mod Manager, download the file and use some archive software like WinRAR or 7zip. Next you will need to unzip the folder and follow the folder structure through until you get the Data folder. Drag and drop the Data folder into your Skyrim directory and let the process overwrite any files or folders it wants. Now make sure the mod's esp is ticked in your load order through the launcher you use for Skyrim, and you're good to go. If you have NMM, it is recommended you use it or the Steam Version to install the mod rather than doing it manually.