About this mod

Various creatures from around the nexus put into one creature resource.

Permissions and credits

I'm releasing this so people can use these creatures in their mods. I've been waiting for a mod with some good custom creatures that isn't purely a monster mod, and this is my way of trying to speed up the process. You do not have to ask permission to use any of these creatures, just credit. This is a modders resource. When crediting, make sure you credit the resource and the original creator of the creature you used. You can check the original creator in the credits section.

I would love if you messaged me when you use anything from here, you don't have to though. I'm just curious to see what people make out of this.

I will continue to update this whenever I can get ahold of more creatures to include in the resource.

If you have any creatures you want to see in this resource, link me to the mod and I'll try to get permission to make them usable by everybody.

Creatures in the resource:

Ancient Spriggan - Spriggans that look like how they did in Daggerfall. Uses Giant skeleton.
Ancient Troll - Trolls that look like how they did in Arena. Uses Troll skeleton.
Fire Giants - A flaming giant variant. Uses Giant skeleton.
Ice Giants - A frozen giant variant. Uses Giant skeleton.
Ice Mammoth - A mammoth that camouflages in the tundra. Uses Mammoth Skeleton.
Golem/Stone Atronach - A large stone construct. Uses Frost Atronach skeleton.
Nekker - A ferocious kind of undead. Uses Werewolf skeleton.
Nekker Warrior - A larger, more ferocious version of the Nekker. Uses Werewolf skeleton.
Draugir - A massive undead construct. Uses Humanoid Skeleton.
Rotfiend - Another kind of undead, similar to zombies. Uses Humanoid Skeleton.
Greater Rotfiend - A larger, scarier Rotfiend. Uses Humanoid Skeleton.
Drowner - An aquatic undead creature with large eyes. Uses Humanoid Skeleton.
Drowned Dead - A Drowner variant. Uses Humanoid Skeleton.
Wraith - The ghost of a powerful mage. Uses Wispmother skeleton.
Bunny - A very very cute version of Skyrim's rabbits. Uses Rabbit skeleton.
Forest Spider - A kind of spider that lives in the forest and jungle. Uses Frostbite Spider skeleton.
Hyena - A large, canine-like predator. Uses Canine skeleton.
Imga - Large, gorilla like men native to the Bosmer homeland of Valenwood. Uses Troll skeleton.
Pahmar - A beast-like kind of khajiit. To the naked eye, they look like common beasts, but they're just as intelligent as you or I. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Raptor - A large bipedal reptile. Uses Werewolf Skeleton.
Sload - Slug-men that vary in size from the Coral Kingdoms of Thras. They're skilled in necromancy. Uses Frost Atronach skeleton.
Therium - An rhino-like ungulate. Uses Mammoth skeleton.
Siligonder - Enormous centipedes with multiple sets of red eyes. Uses Chaurus skeleton.
Rivercrab - Similar to the mudcrab but native to rivers instead of hiding in mud. Uses Mudcrab skeleton.
Horker Bull - The alpha of a group of Horkers. They're larger in size with longer, sharper tusks. Uses Horker skeleton.
White Horker Bull - An albino Horker Bull. Uses Horker skeleton.
Horker Pup - A small, cute, baby Horker. Uses Horker skeleton.
Horker Dog - A kind of dog bred by nords to hunt Horkers. Uses Canine skeleton.
Leopard - A kind of big cat that may be smaller than others, but are significantly faster. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Lion - A large big cat known for its giant mane and hunting prowess. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Lioness - A female Lion. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Scar - The meanest lion you will ever meet. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Tiger - The largest living cat, known for their orange and black striped pattern. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Panther - A kind of big cat known for their black fur. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Xenomorph - An alien with a black hide that requires a host to reproduce. Uses Werewolf skeleton.
Zombie Dragon - A wingless, undead dragon with parts of its flesh showing. Uses Dragon skeleton.
Glowing Eyed Vampire Lord - A vampire lord that has glowing eyes. Uses Vampire Lord skeleton.
Mummy - A dead body preserved in wrappings. Uses Draugr skeleton.
Fire Wraith - Similar to the Ice Wraith, but made from fire. Uses Ice Wraith skeleton.
Triceratops - A large, horned dinosaur. Uses Canine skeleton.
Dilophom - A very large dinosaur with an appendage coming out of its head. Uses Canine skeleton.
Gllimimus - A medium size dinosaur and predator. Uses Canine skeleton.
Armored Hound - An armored undead dog. Uses Canine skeleton.
Sexy Draugr - A sexy female Draugr. Uses Draugr skeleton.
Sexy Flame Atronach - A sexy female Flame Atronach. Uses Flame Atronach skeleton.
Sexy Hagraven - A sexy female Hagraven. Uses Hagraven skeleton.
Sexy Spriggan - A sexy female Spriggan. Uses Spriggan skeleton.
Sexy Spriggan Matron - A sexy female Spriggan Matron. Uses Spriggan skeleton.
Sexy Wispmother - A sexy female Wispmother. Uses Wispmother skeleton.
Shiba Inu - A cute, pointy eared dog. Uses Canine skeleton.
Cat - A small feline. Uses Sabre Cat skeleton.
Rat - A small and common pest. Uses Skeever skeleton.
Albino Rat - A small and common pest. Uses Skeever skeleton.
Nix-Hound - A bug-like dog from Morrowind. Uses Canine skeleton.
Wooly Rhino - A large and furry beast with a large horn on its nose. Uses Cow skeleton.

Creatures that require Dawnguard to work:
Perfect Blood Hybrid - A hybrid between werewolf and vampire. Uses Gargoyle skeleton.
Flame Atronach Horse - A daedric horse made of flame. Uses Horse Skeleton.
Frost Atronach Horse - A daedric horse made of frost. Uses Horse Skeleton.
Storm Atronach Horse - A daedric horse made of lightning. Uses Horse Skeleton.
Skeletal Horse - A flaming horse raised from the dead. Uses Horse Skeleton.
Undead Horse - An undead horse with a blue flaming mane. Uses Horse Skeleton.
Soul Cairn Horse - The spirit of a horse that was soul trapped and sent to Soul Cairn. Uses Horse Skeleton.
Ancient Bone Horse - A horse raised from the dead a very long time ago. Uses Horse skeleton.
Sexy Falmer - A sexy female Falmer. Uses Falmer skeleton.
Sexy Vampire Lord - A sexy female Vampire Lord. Uses Vampire Lord skeleton.

Mods that use these creatures:

Summon Werewolf and Co - Mounts and Followers by gg77:

Giants and Mammoths - Mounts and Followers by gg77:

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Summon Bunnies Mounts and Followers by gg77:

Dual Summon Mounts by gg77:

Monster Mounts - Montures Monstres by gg77:

Summon Armored Troll and Co - Mounts and Followers by gg77:

Golem_Heart by dudeinmask:

Vigilance the Hyena by me:

Khajiit Follower Ra'Khari by Taerai:

Pahmar Follower by GreatSilentOne:

Dogs of Skyrim by Ichibu:

The Nightingale Brotherhood by Raynel07:

Ragnarok by saintgrimm92:

TES Prometheus by lagrie:

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can I use _____ in my mod?
A: Yes.

Q: Is this compatible with Skyrim Monster Mod or Skyrim Immersive Creatures?
A: This isn't a mod.

Q: Who do I have to credit?
A: The resource and the maker of the model.

Q: Hey bro, how are you holding up?
A: Good.

Other Creature Resources:

Vicn's Creature Resource:

Skyrim Monster Mod v12: Not available on nexus, google it to find it.

CD Projekt Red (The Witcher, The Witcher 2) - Ancient Troll model, Draugir, Drowner, Drowned Dead, Golem, Nekker, Nekker Warrior, Rotfiend, Greater Rotfiend, Wraith, and Armored Hound.

Newermind43 (Ents in Skyrim, The Dinosaurus Era) - Ancient Spriggan, Triceratops, Gllimimus, Dilophom

exray catt (Fire Giants, Frost Giants) - Fire Giants, Ice Giants, Ice Mammoths

KANRAx2 (Yurufuwa Rabbit) - Bunnies

muppetpuppet (Moonpath to Elsweyr) - Forest Spider, Hyena, Imga, Pahmar, Rivercrab, Siligonder, Therium, and Sload.

frankthefish (Prides of Skyrim, Horkers of Skyrim) - Horker Bull, White Horker Bull, Horker Pup, Horker Dog, Leopard, Lion, Lioness, Scar, Tiger, Panther

Grohiik (Perfect Blood Hybrids Mod) - Perfect Blood Hybrid

Ph0rce (Dawnguard Rewritten - Arvak) - Flame Atronach Horse, Frost Atronach Horse, Storm Atronach Horse, Skeletal Horse, Undead Horse, Soul Cairn Horse.

cansu (Arvak Skeleton Horse) - Ancient Bone Horse

Dogtown1 (Xenomorph Alien werewolf replacer V4) - Xenomorph

MrCasual (Zombie Dragon Resource) - Zombie Dragon

Leodoidao (Mummy Draugr Creature Resource) - Mummy

Penguinchao (Fire Wraiths - New creature based off the Ice Wraith) - Fire Wraith

AnTiWoMaAgNoT (Better Shaped Female Creatures) - Sexy Draugr, Sexy Falmer, Sexy Flame Atronach, Sexy Hagraven, Sexy Spriggan, Sexy Spriggan Matron, Sexy Vampire Lord, Sexy Wispmother

Hissssa (hs-cat, hs-dog, hs-rat) - Shiba Inu, Rat, Albino Rat, Cat

Dogtown1 (Monster Mod) - Nix-Hound

viltuska (Rhinos of Skyrim) - Wooly Rhino