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Requirements: Skyrim 1.9, Dawnguard, Dragonborn (appearance)

This is a simple follower mod which adds a Dragonborn follower who has fullfilled his destiny long ago.

I only used Vanilla stuff so he is Lore-friendly as possible.

He can be found in High Hrothgar, has the same spells and Shouts and gear as Miraak. His Schedule is written in a Book called "Dear hero of Skyrim" where you can get all the information you need. The Book is now placed in High Hrothgar where the beds are (West Wing).

i also recommend using the unofficial patches

Not needed for this mod, but it will make your life easier in overall.

Q: How to Install?
A: Simply unpack the archive with 7zip or something else and drop it's contents into the data file. activate it. NMM could work too but i haven't tested that

Q:Your Grammar sucks!
A:English is not my native language and i live far away from you. perhaps the moon. lel.

Q: i have found an error, i have a suggestion etc, i want to help you so you can make dialogues
A: write it in the comments section or send me a pm i will read it when time allows me.

Q: This mod is lame!

Q: Your mod is unnecessary
A: thats fine.