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For UNP or the UNPetite Body Type.

Permissions and credits

UNP. Download it Here.
UNPetite. Download it Here.

You are responsible for downloading and installing this mod. If you screw something up, it's on you.

This clothing was custom modeled after real lingerie. It uses real normal maps that were derived from a high polygon mesh.
It can be mixed and matched with other armors from various mods such as those from the UNP or UNPetite - Hmm What To Wear.

1. Download the version for your body type and Install via NMM or by dropping the files in the data folder.
2. Activate the esp file.
3. Go to the forge and craft it in the Miscallaneous section.

- Anything compatible with UNP or UNPetite. (Depending on which version you downloaded.)

Bethesda, Nifskope, Autodesk, Niftools (Figment), Adobe, Pixologic for ZBrush
Dimonized for creating the UNP model.
Theru for the Female Automorph Script.