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Morgen. A strong female Nord follower.

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Update! 25/5/14

Thanks to EcthelionOtW and Daniel Coffey I am very pleased to be able to update Morgen to Version 1.3 with both a new, unique retexture of Hodlin's Bow and a fantastic new design for Morgen's Journal! For more information please read my sticky post.

“As sure as day follows night I will hunt you through the whole of this land if that is what it takes. My name is Morgen. I am Morgen the Unbroken and you should have killed me when you had the chance.”

Morgen is my attempt to create a realistic and believable follower who fits into the world of Skyrim. I wanted to create a beautiful but strong Nord woman with what I hope you will find to be an engaging and involving back story. Morgen keeps a journal which can be found in her inventory. When you first meet Morgen please take some time to sit with her and read her journals. In these she has recorded the devastating events that brought her to the Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge.

Morgen is an archer who will level with you (from level 10 through to 50). She is a loyal follower and will watch your back in a fight. She also has the Light Foot perk so will not set off traps as the two of you adventure.

Morgen is a stand-alone follower and does not require any other mods although I highly recommend using her with UFO (Ultimate Follower Overhaul by fLokii).

I very much hope you enjoy having Morgen join you on your adventures. I welcome feedback and screenshots. If you enjoy adventuring with Morgen please endorse her so that others can find her too. I have other followers that I am working on, each with individual back stories so I’d love to hear what you make of Morgen.

Video by Sloth. Thank you very much!

Video by Skytts TV. Morgen features from 4.10. Thanks Skytts!

Thank you very much to:

Apachii for allowing me to use your hair when creating Morgen. And thank you also for the tutorial. I didn't expect that level of help and it was very much appreciated. ApachiiSkyHair by Apachii
Maevan2 for allowing me to use what I think is by far the best and most realistic skin texture for Skyrim. Mature skin texture and body for UNP CBBE ADEC by Maevan2
EcthelionOtW for the fantastic texture work you did on Hodlin's bow. Thank you very much!
Daniel Coffey for creating a fantastic texture for Morgen's journal and for both being the 'Fastest Modder In The West' and one of the most flexible and helpful people I've met on the Nexus! Thank you! Book Covers by Daniel Coffey
Wanako for screenshots, feedback and support throughout my first modding attempt. Thanks mate! All my shots were taken with the La Profeta WIP ENB Preset by Wanako. Wanako on Flickr
Bethesda for a fantastic, inspiring game.

Now available! My second follower Reyda

Amongst other bits I’m the writer and director of The Possession Of David O’Reilly. For more info on my work please visit my website