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This is a cozy home located in the growing village of Hobbiton near Whiterun with views over the valley above the impressive falls on the road from Riverwood.

Although small it contains all a Dovahkiin would need.

Entryway contains a map of Skyrim which also allows you to teleport to 8 hold capitals.

Full crafting with Alchemy, Enchanting and Staff Enchanting tables. Ingredient planting for 12 plants in the crafting room.

Cozy study with roaring fire to relax after a hard day dungeon diving.

Armory with 8 mannequins, several weapon plaques, display cases and weapon racks.

Functioning kitchen with butter churn, cooking spit and oven.

Master bedroom tastefully decorated with cozy fireplace and attached to the bedroom your very own ensuite bathroom.

Children's bedroom with room for 6 adopted childre using TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod.

Followers bedroom with two beds.

Outside The growing community of Hobbiton resides, containing a merchant, alchemist, farmer and tha Famous Green Dragon Inn. The alchemist and blacksmith are also both master trainers allowing you to get the best crafting skill training right on your doorstep. Hobbiton is located near Whiterun with views over the valley above the impressive falls on the road from Riverwood.

The house is initially locked and requires a key. To obtain the key you will need to click on the sign by the door and buy the house. The cost is 5,000 gold.

Version 2.01 of Hobbiton House.


Updates From V2.00

Update to add missing hobbit hole textures and path from Green Dragon to the widard's house.

Version 2.00 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.09

1.Added wizard's house behind smithing area. She is also a master trainer for enchanting.

Version 1.09 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.08

1. Replaced internal doors with hobbit style openings.

2. Ability to turn water on and off in bathroom. Tap on the back wall to the right of the bath.

Version 1.08 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.07

1. Added 3 guards to Hobbiton wearing customized Blades armor and carrying Hobbiton Shields. They are part of the Whiterun Crime faction and will arrest/kill you if you break the laws of Whiterun Hold.

2. Added railings around the outside areas to prevent NPCs wandering onto the cliff face at the front of the properties.

Version 1.07 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.06

1. Adds alchemist to Hobbiton to the left of the merchant.

2. Adds trainer capability to alchemist and blacksmith (master trainers).

3. Includes fix in V1.06a for NPC spawning issue.

Note: This is an update file and V1.06 main file must be installed prior to adding this update.

Version 1.06a of Hobbiton House.

Quick update to resolve NPC spawing issue in the Trader's home.

If you are downloading for the first time please ensure you download both V1.06 and V1.06a as the update only contains the .esp file not the meshes, textures or scripts.

Version 1.06 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.05

1. Green Dragon Inn added so now the Hobbits have somewhere to go in the evening.

2. Desiduous trees added.

3. Grass changed to nice green grass that Hobbits would have in the Shire.

Version 1.05 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.04

1. Fixed and issue with multiple spawning NPCs due to Merchant and Farmer's houses being flagged as public.

2. Nice colored doors as Hobbits would have.

Version 1.04 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.03

1. Added 2 more beds to children's room.

2. Updated NPCs to look more like Hobbits and resized the furniture in their homes to match their new height. You will notice the counter in the store is a bit smaller :)

3. Added a farmer NPC and house.

4. Enhanced the exterior of Hobbiton, benches for you an NPCs to sit, planters and braziers to make it more of a community feel outside your door.

5. Made the interior floors switchable between marble and wood. Each room has a separate switch by the door to allow you to choose wood or marble for that room.

Version 1.03 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.02

1. Added Strong Box to study.

2. Added shrines of the 9 Divines to entryway.

3. Renamed Tanning Supplies Chest to read correctly.

4. Added two more beds to the children's room.

5. Tweaked the lighting.

6. Created and alternate version with wooden and stone floors to make it more lore friendly for those who prefer it.

Version 1.02 of Hobbiton House.

Updates From V1.01

1. TESV seems to dislike weapon racks which have a 90 or 180 degree position (which is why some weapons show upside down.) I have tweaked those racks and they now function as desired.

2. Weapon plaques also have an issue where the collision planes from other objects prevent you removing weapons from the plaques once placed. I have moved the plaques out slightly do accommodate this and they now work as expected.

Please ensure you have a previous save to revert to to retain the weapons from those plaques as once the plaques are moved in the new update the weapons will be inaccessible as they will appear behind the plaque.

3. I have added two cupboards to the armory for storing weapons and armor you don't want on display.

4. I have added two more dagger display cases to the armory.

5. I have tweaked the lighting in the kitchen and also checked the navmesh there as well.

6. Lighting tweaked in the hallways.

Version 1.01 of Hobbiton House.

Updates from V1.00

1. Re-added NavMesh to interior.

2. Added Child's bedroom allowing up to 4 adopted children using TMPhoenix's Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions mod.

3. Added bedroom for 2 followers.

Hobbiton House possibly conflicts with Riverside Lodge by Lupus

Credit to these awesome modders for the resources used in Hobbiton House.

Resources for modders by Runspect
Paintings and Frames by Artisanix
OpenBooks Resource by Blary
Ingredients Wall Art Resource by Blary
Spring Flowers for Skyrim 1 by elinen
Marble Floors Modder Resource by Darkfox127
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

New Plants 1_2 by Tamira

Here is a quick video. I will be tweaking as I receive comments and use the house myself.