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Simple HD re-textures of Skyrim Circlets

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Elegant Circlets 2k

Author: Xelus
Category: Models and Textures

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This mod simply re-textures all the circlets in Skyrim with 2048 HD textures, as I've noticed that there isn't any texture mods for these that fit my taste. This was done for myself, if you don't like it, don't download it.


As per request, there is also a 1k version in the downloads section. :)




1) copy the "textures" folder to your "...Skyrim/data" directory and replace if asked.
2) Launch your game
3) Enjoy!


None that I'm aware of.

FOR MODDERS ONLY! - Modder's Resource

This modder's resource can be found under the downloads section!

I've added a raw Low, medium and high poly model of the circlet I've remodeled. The model comes in 3 variants that are all saved as .OBJ files:

Low Poly
Medium Poly
High Poly

Circlet.blend file

Included in the archive is the Blender 2.68a .blend file too. The model is UV unwrapped to fit to the original Skyrim Circlet texture, all it needs, is to be exported as a .nif, and be added to the game. The reason why I'm uploading the model file is, if there is anyone who would like to make a mod out of it and can export this model to a usable .nif, you're more than welcome.

In my opinion, Skyrim has too much hassle and nitty gritty crap to go through to get one model to work. Oblivion's custom mesh modeling is far more streamlined and more straight to the point, and being forced to revert back to an ancient Blender isn't the best of ideas.

If you do download the model file, you'll also notice that my custom textures work on the model too, seeing as I've tried to keep the modified quality model's UV map as close to the original as possible so that there is no extra work that needs to be done on the UVmap to get it to fit to skyrim's default circlet texture.

Last but not least

If you do make a mod using this model, all I ask is that you mention me (EttienneV (Xelus) in your credits section of your mod.

You can take a look at the 3d interactive model here: