Reko Hobbit Hole by Zuzmoo
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Last updated at 11:40, 5 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 11:44, 5 Jan 2014

Gruntlock has featured the mod in the Skyrim Daily Mod Shout:) See the video here:

Small player house east from Half-Moon Mill, heavily inspired by jamie0208's Hobbit Hole mod
(but does not use any part of it) and the work of J.R.R. Tolkien (

It is for those players who like nicely decorated, lived in - a bit untidy - spaces and a friendly atmosphere.

All DLCs

Tons of containers (not yet tested, but all chests should be safe)
Custom armor container
Custom herb rack

Bookshelves (over the fireplace and on the shelf)
Five weapon racks
Two weapon plaques (a bit bugged, as you can put stuff on, but can not take them off)
Two beds

Alchemy workbench
Enchanting workbench

Smelter (near the back entrance towards the river)
Sharpening wheel
Tanning rack
Chopping block

Light changes according to time of the day
Working kitchen sink and shower (hot and cold water)
Optional decorations (food on the table and plates in the sink)
Potencial follower and bard living in the place, he is tending to the garden etc.

Fully navmeshed

Uses ManualLightSwitch script, and most non-static items do not havok