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V4.1: adds 28 NEW Insect-Species + Ingredients to Skyrim! + HD-Retextures for ALL Vanilla/Default-Insects + Bees + Ants

High and Lower Resolution, with slightly INCREASED SPAWNING RATES available! NMM-Installer + BAIN-friendly Files :)

Permissions and credits
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NEWS >>> 101BUGs is featured in the newest SkyrimModSanctuaryVideo by Gopher! :D

And I also want to use this opportunity to THANK ALL OF YOU!
Your positive feedback, images and kind words mean sooooooooooooo much to me!

I love to create mods, because this way I can make people happy > and your joy is my joy! :D

A special thanks to the few amazing users who decided to donate some of their hard earned
money to me > thank you, and rest assured I use it only for "modding-related"-things! :)

101BUGs TRANSLATIONS on the Nexus:   

Updated 4.1 includes: 2 NEW Insects > GRIM HUNTER (Dragonfly) + SPOTTED LACERASUS (Butterfly) + 2 new Ingredients

> > > > > Re-adjusted some alchemical-effect-values to ensure fair and balanced gameplay

> > > > > as requested > Ingredient-Names changed to improve Inventory-Sorting (makes them "Better Sorting-friendly")

you can get them here >>>>> Wearable Lanterns by Chesko <<<<<

(you need 101BUGs installed in order to be able to catch a Firefly for the red-glowing Firefly-Lantern!)

>>> Credits and THANK YOU to Chesko for this wonderful cooperation which made the amazing Torchbug+Firefly-Lanterns possible! :D

>>> Credits to Bellyache for letting me use her dragonfly-retextures (+fixed wings) as base for my retextures! Thanks for your help, words and advice! :)

>>> Credits and A BIG THANK YOU to Conquestus who patiently helps me understand all the needed basics about Nifskope and the CK! :D

>>> Credits and Thanks to the amazing "Mesh-Master" dogtown1 for his time, help and kind Nifskope-advise! ;)

>>> Credits to M3rvin for creating a basic NMM-file for my mod and helping me create them on my own! Thanks for your help! :)


+++ PLEASE STOP ASKING ABOUT AN OFFICIAL SKYRIM SE VERSION! (it might or might not happen, somewhen > IF & WHEN > I will convert it myself) +++

Send me a PM if you have questions, requests or want to include my mod (or parts of it) into your own work
(player homes; TRANSLATIONS; mod-packages,...)! 

DO NOT upload my mods (or parts of them) to SteamWorkshop or any other site - they are Nexus-exclusive!
(Please inform me if you ever see MY MODS available on any OTHER SITE! - Because that would mean that they have been stolen!) 
I really love to give you a translation-permission for the Nexus - but NOT for any other sites!

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