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Bamz Nzchelzulft

Welcome to Bamz Nzchelzulft (a dwemer king's hall)
A very large player house, maybe more of a super elite's wet dream than a mere player abode.

The entire dwemer interior architecture kit has been completely re-textured with 1024 x 1024 textures, which will not be to everyone's liking (refer to photos)
A huge amount of work went into this mod and along with all the texturing the mod's file size is much larger than I planned, but most interior/exterior cells are below the memory cap set by Bethesda and have all tested to run smooth on my ageing rig = i5 2500k + 8Gb DDR3 + EVGA GTX 570 @ 1680 x 1050.


Located north west of 'the throat of the world' and 200 ft down the mountain slope from Nilheim or
follow the river north from Ivarstead.
with stunning views across the whole of Eastmarch, al the way to windhelm docks and the sea beyond.


Options Menu System (Most of the master bedrooms have colour options for soft furnishings etc)
Teleportation system (Bamz Nzchelzulft Only)
Teleportation spell (When cast returns the player and followers to Bamz Nzchelzulft from any location)
Guard House
Tower of Dumac
Sky Lodge
Ashara Sky Baths
Archer's Range x 2
Swimming Pool
Jaquzzi x 2
Steam Room
Several Master Bedrooms
Residents areas x 4
Vault with Guards
Kings Main Hall with Guards
Kitchen with staff
Main Dining Hall
Smithing hall with staff
Master Wizards hall with staff + Master Bedroom
Divines Temple with Priestess
Hall of Daedra
Gold Mine
Complete community of NPC's live with you, many of which are companions or trainers
Ashara clothing merchants
Many Weapons Racks and Displays + Safe Storage
Library x 2
Player Office x 2
Unique Themed Shower Rooms x 7
Franziska's Penthouse
Plus many more...

Completely Nav Meshed by hand and thoroughly tested (interior and exterior).
Optimised with Occlusion Planes
Cleaned with TES5EDIT


This mod is large in the game world of Skyrim and in file size.

This mod requires the following:

Ashara Dimonized dress.esp

Recommended Mods:

Climates of Tamriel by JJC71
Ashara Dimonized Dress by Sydney B (Required*)
Lanterns of Skyrim by Mannygt's Mods
UNP female body by Dimon99
Coverwomen by Bella
High Quality Eyes by Xenius
Vanilla Mannequin Script by SluckyD


I've used some amazing mod resources (in part or completely) from the following Author's and while many of these resources have been re-textured by myself this takes no credit away from these talented authors or their work.
A big thank you to the following:

Ashara Dimonized Dress + Jewelry by Sydney B
Insanity Sofa's n Chair's by Inasanity Sorrow
Insanity Bath Towels by Insanity Sorrow
Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys & Tony67
Antique Statue by Tamira > Original model by 3dregenerator (
Ingredients Wall Art by Blary
Ingredients in a Jar by Blary
Paintings and Frames created by Artisanix (only frames used)

also thanks to:

Darkfox 127 (Technical assistance)
and the skyrim mod community (too many mod author's to name)

Tools Used:

Creation Kit
Gimp 2.8
NifSkope 1.1.3
Wrye Bash
Win Rar

My other mod's:

Lake Ilinalta Manor