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New textures for the sexiest lady in Skyrim and her coffin.

Permissions and credits

The first and most detailed retexture of the Night Mother and her Coffin.
This was done in the spirit of the game and is intended to look sinister and realistic.
The new textures are modifications of the vanilla textures dlc HD pack, and are performance friendly

What are the changes?
  • Textures size: same as vanilla 2024/2024 px
  • Head: new brushed black hair (no more hand-drawed blond dreadlocks), new teeth, subtle scars and wounds
  • Skin: new skin texture with much more details, sublte scars and wounds, creepier colors.
  • Ragged dress: new texture with improved fiber details, added more details and depth to the ropes, subtle blood splatters.
  • Coffin: Darker aspect, added time-worn details to the texture, added shadows and a black hand on the coffin floor. (updated with Bethesda HD pack)
  • Extra: I adapted the glowing texture (when the mother talks to you) to this mod.

How do I install this?
-download and extract the .7z file on your desktop
-open the folder "Sweet Mother 2.0"
-drag the "textures" folder into your "skyrim\data" folder


Bethesda Softworks - for the awesome Vanilla textures

ALH - for the modified textures and this mod

digital-amphetamine - for the blood splatters stock

LANBO - for the skin texture

MrsCullen - for the hair brushes stock

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