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It\'s face paint that resembles characters from a few anime series.

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Here are some face paints from Bleach and Naruto mostly. There is a Mike Tyson tat too. :D

To install just extract and drop "textures" into your "data" folder. These replace the war paints Male and Female 1-10 that are in the game. Idk how to use the CK, and don't have the GAF to learn how.

I have made new paints, and updated previous ones. I organized them into 3 packs for simplicity. I also added an extra download to have all of them if you want to name them yourself, and mix and match to your liking.

Pack 1 Includes
--------------------- = Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist = Gaara, Naruto = Joker, Batman = Kankuro, Naruto = Kenshin, Samurai X = Kiba, Naruto = Naruto, Naruto = Sesshomaru, Inuyasha = Tyson, Boxing = Unknown, Looks like Bleach

Pack 2 Includes
--------------------- = Full Hollow, Bleach = Grimjow, Bleach = Hollow, Bleach = Kenpachi, Bleach = Mayuri, Bleach = Nnoitra, Bleach = Renji, Bleach = Starkk, Bleach = Ulquiorra, Bleach = Shuuhei, Bleach

Pack 3 Includes
--------------------- = Belldandy, Ah! My Goddess! = Full Hollow, Bleach = Harribel, Bleach = Hollow, Bleach = Mayuri, Bleach = Neliel, Bleach = Renji, Bleach = Shuuhei, Bleach = Suzumebachi, Bleach = Talho, Eureka 7

Edit: I'm working on eyes now. I will upload them later bc I'm tired of doing this. Thx for the support.
A good program for viewing dds thumbnails in vista.