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Added: 02/01/2014 - 09:44AM
Updated: 25/01/2017 - 11:03PM

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Last updated at 23:03, 25 Jan 2017 Uploaded at 9:44, 2 Jan 2014

Update 1.03
Changed the quiver mesh for both versions to the same shape as the NordHero quiver. Slimmer instead of round.
Redid the arrow shaft and flights. Shaft is more round, and an improved UVW map. Flights are thinner and shorter.
Added a new arrowhead. that has 3 blades instead of 4.
Original 4 blade head is with the updated alt style quiver in the version without Dawnguard. Can be found in the mesh folder in a sub folder meshes, weapons, JetModernArrow, Alternative version . Copy and paste the 2 files to the meshes, weapons, JetModernArrow folder and overwrite the 2 files there to use the updated alt style quiver.
Both versions are used in the Dawnguard file. The new arrowhead is with the updated original quivers and the and old head is with the updated alt quiver.
In the Dawnguard version, the explosive arrows use the updated old style quiver. normal arrows use the updated alt style quiver.
Updated the normal map to show a little more detail.
Updated the normal map alpha channel so the arrows and quiver are not as shiny.
Update 1.02
Made an alternate styled quiver. Removed the metal plate from the middle and made it shorter.

Update 1.01
Redid the textures to 2048 and fixed the normal map. They look allot better.

I made these arrows about a year ago and just now decided to publish them. I made them to go with Newerminds bow collection for the Dwarven Modern bow and Composite Modern Bow(mainly the dwarven) and have used them since. Just decided to upload after rolling a new stealth bow character.

I decided to make the arrows longer because at default the points would cut off your index finger since Skyrim arrows are so short and made the quiver closer because the default quivers look bad floating. I then matched the quiver size and position and arrow length to "Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows" mod so they match up after I got that mod. Originaly my arrows were shorter and the quivers were default sized. I matched the arrow length and then found mine do not fit the quiver correctly so adjusted it to fit and matched his mod so they do not look odd. Now he has updated so it probably wont match anymore..

The arrows are a stainless point, carbon fiber shaft, and black plastic flights. Quiver is brushed metal and rough leather. Quiver is dark grey and arrows are darker grey but the points are not painted so they are bright metal. Arrows are good for assasin or thief characters.

Comes in 2 versions. 1 requires dawnguard and has flame, frost, and shock explosive arrows. The other version requires no other mod and has plain old arrows. They all do 2 points more damage than deadric arrows and impact the same as a Dwarven Dawnguard crosbow bolt. They are obtainable by crafting.

Newermind Bow Collection by newermind43
Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows by EvilDeadAsh34

Weapons are scaled smaller when equiped on my character from Equipped weapon scale fix They will apear larger for anyone without that mod.

If anyone knows of an armor mod the arrows look good with Please let me know in the comments.

Mod authors:
You have permission to retexture the arrows for Skyrim. Requirement is credits and link to this page on your download page and post in the comments here a link to the retexture.

You have permission to add the arrows to any Skyrim mod. Requirement is credits and link to this page on your download page and post in the comments here a link to the mod.

Under no circumstances is there permission to upload this mod as is on another website without asking me first. Consider the answer to be NO if I do not respond to the request.

If you post a texture set only that requires this mod to be downloaded from here then you are free to post anywhere but you must post the link in the comments.

UVW map is the same as the nordheroarrow.nif and nordheroarrowprojectile.nif. If you already did a retexture for that arrow and quiver it will work with mine. The points are reshaped mainly.

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