Malibu Bikini for Khmera by Reaverlord - Hongyu
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Added: 03/01/2014 - 03:49AM
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The Malibu Bikini. A brand new string bikini for use with your favorite Skyrim female.

Riverwood's most eligible bachelorette, Camilla has a very over-protective brother. Knowing this, she has to sneak out some times if she is to ever have any fun. Once, on a night trip to Imperial City, Camilla learned of a new fashion, the bikini. She just had to have one for herself so she shelled out alot to obtain it. It is called the Malibu Bikini. You can find this priceless tickle of turquoise fancy located in her upstairs bedroom, hidden from Lucan's perverted grasp.

Unrar the archive and place in "Data" folder. If you have any conflicts or issues with any aspect of your game upon installing this mod, please uninstall using the same method, but backwards.

Please be aware this outfit is for the Khmera body style, which is a UNP-based body. It is compatible ONLY with a UNP-type skin textures such as Navetsea UNP, Mature Skin, etc. The outfit is not for CBBE, Pandora, and Ladybody-type bodies, as they use a different UV to map their textures.

I must thank my friend and fellow artist Hongyu for his help, his advice, and his permission to use parts of his famous "Hongyu's Bikini for V6"currently available for Poser/DAZ3D. Thanks so much!!

You may not upload, or distribute any parts of this Skyrim mod without the expressed permission of myself and any other authors who may have contributed to the creation of this mod. We are all, however, pretty good guys, so ask in PM if you want to do something public with anything you see here. Collaborations between artists are great fun and in my experience render the best works. The same goes for issues or problems. I'm always around so PM.