Septimus Cashious Mod - Version 1.0 by Doughnut 747
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Added: 31/12/2013 - 10:14AM
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Version 1.0!
It's as done as I wanted it to be when I started to make it years ago.

I finally got back onto creation kit after almost two years to finish the mod I had started! To All of you who helped me along the way I am very thankful! Since I first uploaded it I added in a ton of stuff, changed stuff, and did a better job on the lighting! 

Septimus Cashious is a very rich man who opened up a store inside of an old Dwemer warehouse.
The store is located right across the river from Riverwood.
He has about 21k so that you can sell tons of items to him.
There is a fence inside of the store also who will buy your stolen goods who also has about 21k.

The guards are Dwarven Spheres that were repaired by Septimus to guard his inventory. They currently use the guards default Voicepack/Dialogue. I might take some time later to make it voiced if I learn how. Until then enjoy what it is.
A place to take your inventories of items to sell for a modest price!

Ideas and help from,

Feedback Is Much Appreciated!

Here are some screenshots from before compared to now!

These were taking using the BASE GAME with no ENB or other mods!