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HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! To celebrate, I am releasing my custom made armor.
It's a shiny set of latex armor made for CBBE body with TBBP and HDT heels support.

Permissions and credits
HAPPY 2014 EVERYONE! To celebrate, I am releasing my custom made armor.

Skyrim Mods Weekly 17 by SkyttsTV. Scroll to 11:05.

-Fixed some clipping issues on the skirt and leggings
-Fixed some weird texture problem with frills when color changed
-Fixed missing shoe sole/heel bug.
-Added back TBBP for both normal and bodyslide versions!
-Updated color changer to change the color of garter legging mesh as well.
-DISABLED TBBP for now, will need some time to make it compatible with bodyslide
-Added environmental mapping to frills making it more glossy
-Added garter (can be equipped beneith boots)
-Changed bodyshape of core body mesh (easier for me to add new pieces of armor)
-Updated bodyslide version to fix bugs, clipping issues (includes garter)
-REMOVED the shiny version. New version looks closer to latex.
-Added Color Changer file, install with NMM to change color.
-Added a less shiny version of the armor.
-Replaced inventory armor displays to a simple box. Should fix some issues related to crashing while in inventory.
-Fixed (hopefully) random CTD related to the boots when in inventory menu loading the boots display.
-Added BodySlide!!! Woohoo. First version. Please report if there are any problems.
-Original release


This mod adds the latex armor made by myself to the game. The necklace shown is not included but maybe released in the future along with my other custom accessories.

It is a light armor and has an armor value equal to dragonscale gears.

The armor can be crafted at the forging station under LEATHER and MISC section. Or if you decide to cheat then open console with ~ then type: help "latex" then use player.additem [item number] [amount]

The CBBE body in this mesh is a custom body made by using the BodySlide tool, hence it may differ greatly from the CBBE that you are using. Please make sure you have CBBE textures installed AND TBBP supported skeleton prior to using this. If you don't have the skeleton support your game WILL CRASH. You have been warned ;) You will also NEED HDT heels system installed. Please refer to the requirements section.

Please check out my other mods:
Black Rose - CBBE TBBP
Sexy Transparent Zipsuit - CBBE TBBP with BODYSLIDE

  • Download
  • Install with NMM or simply drag and drop the files into their respective folders. Overwrite if necessary. (Always make a backup if you overwrite)

Q: Your armor sucks!
A: Thanks for checking it out and bye. Go do something else more productive than to complain in the posts.

Q: Your CBBE body is ugly. You should change it to what I like.
A: Its very subjective. I can never satisfy everyone. If you don't like it, then download the bodyslide version and bodyslide to whatever shape you want.

Q: My game crashed when I tried to equip the armor!
A: If you already have a TBBP compatible skeleton, then Reinstall your skeleton. Some mods like to include their own skeleton and may replace your TBBP-supported skeleton. Also make sure even your custom races have TBBP supported skeleton as well.

Q: Can you please convert to 7Base, UNP, other body shapes please?
A: Sorry no, since I don't use those bodyshapes I don't have any motivation to convert them. Hopfully others will, and if not you can always try to convert it yourself using Outfit Studio.

Q: Can you add more colors to the armor?
A: You can always recolor the .dds files using photoshop or something to whatever color you like.

Q: There's clipping when I jump, sneak, run, hump, and make weird poses!
A: Since this armor is very closely layered to the body, it is inevitable that some clipping may occur. I tried my best in fixing all clipping but sometimes the weight copying/painting programs just doesn't want to do what I want. You can let me know and I'll see if I can fix it.

Q: There's clipping when I bodyslided to my custom body shape!
A: It does happen if you go over the values of 100% or have many things at 100%. It's not perfect, sorry but you will have to make your sizes smaller.

Q: What hair is that?
A: SG Hairpack. You will have to search for it yourself.

Q: How did you make the face of your character?
A: A lot of creativity and imagination using ECE (Enhanced Character Edit) which you can find here on the nexus.

Q: Will you make your character into a follower?
A: Sorry, no plans so far. Too busy imagining new armors and making them into reality (in game at least).

Feel free to redistribute, modify the mesh and fix bugs if necessary but always credit myself.

Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- by Caliente
Bodyslide - 15 extra sliders for CBBE by moonballz
Buckles used in the Black Rose armor by N8k
Corset Dress Brianna by anticz