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With this application, you can create Racemenu plugins with your custom overlays in seconds, without having to touch the Creation Kit or Papyrus! Racemenu Mod Maker will create the mod, script, and create a Data folder, copy your texture files to the correct folders, and compile the script!

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[size=8]vwr Racemenu Mod Maker[/size]

This application was made for artists who don't like to use the Creation Kit, or don't have time to learn Papyrus. With just a few clicks, you can create an entire mod which will add your custom Racemenu overlay's to Skyrim. This does NOT support adding face morph sliders, only overlay textures like warpaints and tattoos.

Requirements: Creation Kit, SKSE 1.6.16, Racemenu and Racemenu - Loose Base Scripts v2-1-1
Installation: Download, unzip, and run the .exe
Uninstallation: Delete Race Menu Mod Maker.exe and RMMM.ini
Usage: Enter a name for your mod, script, add your texture files, then click 'Create'. The application will create a Data folder in the same directory as the .exe. It will also copy all of your texture files, the mod, and script into the created Data folder so all you have to do is copy it to your game folder and activate the .esp.

Update to v1.3.5 - Added ini settings for reordering the columns in the 'added texture' box.
Update to v1.3.3 - Added saving and loading of project files in .rmp format, and the script viewer.
Update to v1.2.3 - Fixed an odd problem where body textures were loading from the face texture function.
Update to v1.2.2 - Removed the 'Quest Name' text box.
Update to v1.2.1 - Added the 'Quest Name' text box. Added the missing character used for a line break to the script generator, which was causing the scripts to not run.
Update to v1.1.0 - Fixed a few things in the .esp header.
Update to v1.0.1 - Fixed the file path for textures in the script. The textures will load correctly now. Fixed the issue where naming scripts with less than 2 characters causes a compilation error.

Keep the bug reports coming!

Taryth - for the original idea
pickyourpoison - for suggesions and motivation
Khajiitas - for the logos
expired - for Racemenu