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Last updated at 20:45, 25 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 22:35, 1 Jan 2014

*Version 3 Released! Changes in comment section.*
Added a less saturated version, .250v2

Please use a calibration tool like windows "Calibrate Color" tool to ensure screenshots are correct. If they look too dark or too bright for your taste it's probably because you're gamma isn't calibrated properly.

With proper calibration, this preset should look right at Skyrim's lowest brightness setting. However I included an in game calibration tool to ensure in game quality is exactly what it should be.

Calibration tool is a note sitting on the counter in the Riverwood Trader (the area you get the quest to retrieve the Golden Claw)

Thanks to Hodilton for the great showcase!

If you like the preset, please consider leaving an endorsement :)

*ENBSeries V0.250 [Download Here]


*For a more detailed install, check out the excellent guide written by Matso here*

1.) Add the following lines to SkyrimPrefs.ini located in "C:UserDocumentsMy GamesSkyrim" under [DISPLAY] sections.


Set FOV to 85 ingame (console > fov 85)

2.) Extract all the files from the MAIN and DATA folders to your Skyrim main install folder. To find your main install folder, right click your Skyrim shortcut and click "Open File Location." This is your Skyrim install folder.

3.) Download the ENBSeries binary here and extract d3d9.dll from the wrapper folder to your Skyrim install folder.

4.) In enblocal.ini, find 'VideoMemorySizeMB=" and remove the ";" in front of the amount you have. Make sure the others all have the ";"

5.) Be sure to use the Calibrator in game, it can be found in the Riverwood Trader or by typing "help falkonian" in the console.

6.) Done! Shift + F12 to enable/disable ENB, Scroll_Lock to enable/disable SweetFX.

If you experience shadow flickering, try the following suggested by Aiyeen
The flickering is due to a too small AO texture resolution relative to your monitor resolution.
Increase the following in the enbseries.ini before starting the game.
SizeScale and SourceTexturesScale. The SizeScale is the most vital, and also the one that hit performance the hardest.
Do not go above 1.0 values around 0.7 will have removed just about all flickering.

Required Mods

Revamped Exterior Fog
Dark Dungeons for ENB
Dramatic Clouds
Realistic Water 2 w/ ENB Textures or WATER

Recommended Mods

Enhanced Lights and FX
aMidianBorn Book of Silence
Apophysis Dragon Priest Masks
Reko Hobbit Hole


Kyokushinoyama for K ENB and Kyo Varients of MATSO ENB, you rock man!

Boris for ENBSeries, who made all this possible!

frontbite and Unspacey for BETA testing, thanks guys!