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No'nara is an Ohmes, a member of an elusive, rare subspecies of Khajiit that closely resembles Mer. They tattoo and paint their faces in a feline fashion to visually differentiate themselves from the elven races.

Much like many of her species, No'nara makes use of her agility and cunning as a thief. She regularly haunts the Bee and Barb in Riften, and is quite the tough cookie.

Her final looks in your game will depend on what skin textures you have installed. I personally recommend SG texture renewal, XCE or Maevan's Mature Skin. More dolled-up ones like Coverwomen and Better Females don't work well with this.


No'nara has been made with new character assets based on TheMinttu's Ohmes fan concept. She has a poofy dreadlocked haircut made just for her from scratch and a highly characteristic, unique face. She's sure to stand out in a crowd, though aesthetically also blends in with the rest of the game rather seamlessly. I wanted her to feel like she'd been built into the game from the very beginning.

She's geared with a basic set of leather armour and carries an Ebony dagger. Her combat style is Assassin and she levels together with you. You can gear her up as you like with UFO.

She'll use any body and face textures you have installed. Only her _msn map is unique, with neck seam support for UNP, CBBE and CNHF.


Permissions and credits

No'nara's looks are very specific so I'm going to deviate from my usual free-use asset policy. Personal modifications are okay if you know what you're doing but don't distribute modified versions of her. I really want her looks to properly honour the original concept she's based on.

Head shape, normal map, skin warpaints and hairstyle are my work. The hair can be converted for use with elf races if someone wants to do it.

Eye textures use Halendia's Iridum Eyes Wood Elf texture as a resource.

Original design by TheMinttu.