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Gives the Player a small cozy Tower room to live in Solitude with access to outer ramparts.

Permissions and credits
              Welcome to Kursans Solitude Tower Loft   

The next time you enter Solitude, hang a right at the gate and at the
entrance to the tower staircase that leads to the ramparts above the gate, you shall
find a note; some poor sod dropped his rental agreement for a tower room
fully furnished and paid for, now it is yours for the taking!

Added Navmesh to the private balcony on the battlements; followers can now join the player there but the walk along the wall is still off limits.
Added a second chair by table, some food, a tanning rack and a cot.
Did NOT change the file name so updating without loss of stored items is possible. (will still appear as 1.3 in your load order!)
Cleaned again with TES5edit.

Changelog for V-1.4 :
Cleaned up the Navmesh inside the Loft to optimize it for followers,
Tweaked the window lights some more, they should now correspond to time of day,
Hopefully turned off enemies spawning inside the loft,

Changelog for V-1.3 :
Fixed a lighting issue where the lights in the Loft would flicker on and off; changed all lights out completely to a warmer even tone, windows less bright.
Fixed a clipping issue with the entrance doors clipping into the wall behind; rebuilt door frame and added black box behind doors.
I re sized the table top enchanter slightly so it is less gawky but still works.

Changelog for V-1.5 GS : 
This is a version same as original except a General Stores storage Chest was added. Requires General Stores resource get it HERE.
General Stores allows you to store and retrieve your gear across multiple homes or locations, check out some of my other GS enabled mods.

CHECK OUT the nice video made by ApplesAlmighty. Please Note this video features the older version (1.1) and does not show the changes made to V-1.2 - 1.5!

By request I added a tabletop enchanter to the Tower Loft and a storage satchel
to go with it.
Because Solitude not only lacks cheap housing but also a smelter I added one by
the water front, about halfway between the sawmill and the docks.
I also added a small dock by the smelter, some clutter and one more ore vain, I think it all blends
in well with the surroundings.
Added a Pickaxe and a shovel by the campfire that is nearby.
Modified a couple of rampart stairs near the blue Palace.
Fixed some cosmetic seems along the ramparts.
Added small chimney on the tower for the smoke.

If you want to update make sure to remove all belongings from the tower loft, then uninstall 1.1. Make a clean save before installing the latest V 1.5,
if you don't care about the enchanter and smelter or navmeshed balcony then stick with the original.

This mod adds a passage through the tower on the ramparts above the gate
that leads to a cozy furnished room in the tower above.
There is plenty of storage, a place to cook, a bed, an alchemy station
and a bookshelf; there is also one weapon plaque and the passage through
the tower has 5 upright weapon racks.
There is lots of decorative stuff and some useful items, and the room
has a warm inviting feel.

The passage below leads through the tower and makes a previously inaccessible
part of the battlements accessible as a sort of balcony for the player.
There is a simple table and chair with some food to enjoy the view.

The Loft and the passage are Navmeshed, however the ramparts are not and I will
NOT make them so.

I have moved the collision barriers to the outside of the city wall so it is now possible
to walk along the wall as far as the Blue Palace; you can drop down into the city at
various spots (especially useful for thief's). I have placed stairs at various locations to
enable a return trip along the wall. Walk the wall AT YOUR OWN RISK.
There is no collision barrier to the inside of the city and some drops can kill you!

Please note that this will afford you a view the developers did not want you
to see; the long distance view was not designed to fill in all the gaps below the walls
so don't look too close, but the far view from the balcony is quite nice.

This is supposed to be a simple player home, please do not ask for mannequins etc.
All the crafting stations you need are obtainable in the city, this is mainly a home to crash and store some stuff.

Best use the NMM dowload tab or for manual install unzip the esp file into
your Skyrim Data folder.

Fully compatible with Nernies Solitude :
Fully compatible with ETaC :
Fully compatible with Dawn of Solitude :
Fully compatible with JK's Solitude :
NOT compatible with The Tower of the Wolf : This mod uses the same location but if you want something more flamboyant go check it out.

Credits and permissions:
Please use this mod as you like in YOUR game; do not upload an altered
version without my permission.
This mod was cleaned with TES5Edit, but responsibility to use it in your game is yours!
I like to thank Bethesda for making Skyrim and the CK.
A special thanks to Eldiabs for his modders resource pack.