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Sleeping is now potentially dangerous depending on where you sleep. No more 12 hours of sleeping in a Draugr dungoen with no interruptions or issues!

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Requires: SKSE, and SkyUI.

Hush little baby, don't be scared. . . There is nothing anybody can do to sooth away your sweet little nightmares.
And when the shadows start to encroach, it'll be too late and your poor little life will have croaked.

A standalone module from our Sands of Time: Ultimate Deadly Encounters mod.
(This mod is NOT intended to be used along with SoT.)




NOTE: This feature is no longer included in our primary Sands of Time mod.


     This is a standalone of one our most prominent features from our main mod (prior to being completely pulled from our main mod, and given extra special treatment).  This adds a risk to any time you sleep in the game.  Of course, homes are safe havens and excluded.  Further, there is a way to mark up to 6 locations as safe for those players that use custom homes. 

     Obviously, this will benefit those that use a "needs" mod that requires sleeping.  Immersion is greatly enhanced since now you know that you will need to make sure you are properly rested before setting out on an adventure.

     The mod is a lightweight and only has three scripts: the MCM script, the quest event script, and a creation kit made script to support the quest event script. A single mod script only runs once when you sleep--no other time.  There is no need for any DLCs, no heartbeat scripts, no cloaking scripts, and in fact, zero resources are used up except for when the spawns appear.


     Sleeping Encounters start off with a likelihood of 3% to 75% depending on where you are sleeping. See list below:

          1) Inn.............................................5%
          2) Dungeon.....................................75%
          3) Draugr Cave.................................75%
          4) WinterHold College.......................15%
          5) Jorrvaskr Comapnions Hold............5%
          6) Players Home.................................0% no chance and hard-coded as such
          7) Any other place............................50%

     Additionally, as stated earlier, the player can designate any six locations in the game as safe for sleeping using the MCM Menu.

     Who actually attacks the player while sleeping is determined in part by where the player sleeps. If in the college it will be jealous wizards, if in a dungeon then monsters, if an Inn possibly bandits, if in a Draugr Cave then Draugr or spiders, and so on.

     The sleep encounter will find the player snoring and he will be woozy when first waking up. This will allow most attackers a first or second hit. Thus, it is wise to have a companion to watch your back until you are fully awake. Traps now help as well.


     Step 1) Backup your save game in case you wish to uninstall the mod at a later time.
     Step 2) Download and install with your preferred mod manager.
     Step 3) Ensure the ESP is active (ticked)
     Step 4) Start Skyrim, wait for the MCM to activate/appear
     Step 5) Enjoy! 


     Step 1) Deactivate (untick) the ESP
     Step 2) Remove with your preferred mod manager
     Step 3) Use Savegrame Script Scalpel by flexcreator to remove any orphaned scripts in your game


     Step 3 - Alternate)  Reload and restart game using the previously saved backup from Step 1 during installation
     Step 4) Continue on in Skyrim with wimpy enemy numbers


  The mod is compatible with everything.  However, if you use our Sands of Time mod, you should not (and do not need to) use this.

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