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When playing with challenge adding mods or on a higher difficulty death can come unexpectedly to even the most veteran players. Death Souls adds a costly method to avoid death that is unique to Dovahkiin. Dragon souls can be used to revive. It also enhances the death animations.

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Sorry for taking so long getting back, but the website is up!  All the art assets are entirely temporary, but the site itself is ready for use: http://dragondudemods.forumotion.ca/

When playing with challenge adding mods or on a higher difficulty death can come unexpectedly to even the most veteran players. Death Souls adds a costly method to avoid death that is unique to Dovahkiin; Dragon souls can be used to revive the player. It also enhances the death animations, whether you have dragon souls or not.

Upon 'death' the player will stagger and crouch. Following this a menu will appear displaying the number of dragon souls the player has and asking if the would like to revive or succumb. If revive is chosen a dragon soul is lost and the player pushes them self off the ground, ready to reengage in combat. During this time the player will be surrounded by 'dragon soul wind'. If succumb is chosen, the player's arms give out and they fall to their chest.

There is also a configurable MCM menu that lets you change various features. The revival mechanic can be disabled entirely, allowing you to use the new death animations without the dragon soul revival aspect. Revival can also be toggled to become automatic, removing the un-immersive popup menu. Furthermore, revival effects can be toggled in the menu. Additionally you can enable/disable hulking up, which makes the player remain crouching during the duration of the revival effects. Lastly, the number of dragon souls required to revive can be adjusted between the values of 0 and 10.

If you are worrying about scripts and performance, I can assure you there is no hit to performance whatsoever. The script is entirely optimized and event based, meaning it only runs when the player dies, so you don't have to worry!

Plus the revival will work with any type of death. Even if a giant smashes you into the stratosphere! Watch this video for proof!

I apologize for any confusion, but the screams during revival in the videos are not from this mod. They're from DSAMG - Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious by JonoPhoenix.

- NMM: No explanation needed, that's the point.
- Manual: Just copy/merge the RARs content into your Skyrimdata folder

- Basically everything!

- Legit and updated Skyrim copy else I will not provide support
- It should run well even on your potato!

- If you die again after being revived, the death/crouch animation doesn't work properly (post in the comment if you can reproduce this issue) Fixed in version 2.0!
- Sometimes (rarely) weird things will happen if you aren't in third person when you get launched into the stratosphere by a giant. Fixed in version 5.0!
- Being beaten in a brawl will trigger the revival event, forcing you to use a soul or die

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- Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit!
- w007i for requesting this mod!