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Feminine Hands


1 - Description
2 - Installation
3 - Known Issues/Incompatibilities
4 - Credits and Thanks
5 - Permissions

1 - Description

First let me inform that english is not my first language. Please be patient with errors and lack of clarity.

This mod replaces the female hands with a tweaked version for a more feminine look. The mod is made to work with CBBE or UNP body replacers only. I don't intend to make a version compatible with vanilla female bodies (who still uses vanilla bodies anyway?).

2 - Installation

a - Download Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- and install it following the included instructions OR download DIMONIZED UNP female body and Better Hand Mesh for UNP UNPB UNPC and install following the respective instructions.

b - Download the version of this mod for the body mod you use (CBBE or UNP). I recommend using NMM to download and install. If you install manually, remember to backup the original files before installing. The mod WILL replace 4 files: 1stpersonfemalehands_0.nif, 1stpersonfemalehands_1.nif, femalehands_0.nif and femalehands_1.nif these files are in "data/meshes/actors/characters/character assets" folder inside your skyrim folder.

3 - Known Issues/Incompatibilities

The hands WILL be distorted in a few custom poses and animations (check the last picture to see). Is impossible for me to make the mod compatible with all pose and animation mods out there.

4 - Credits and Thanks

Thanks and Credit to Caliente for creating Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition -CBBE- and giving permission to use her mesh as a base for the CBBE version of this mod. Please check her mod and endorse it.

Thanks and credit to MrTroubleMaker for creating Better Hand Mesh for UNP UNPB UNPC and giving permission to use his mesh as a base for the UNP version of this mod (as he uploaded his mod also as a "Modders resource" if that permission do not apply to this mod, please inform me and I'll remove the corresponding files). Please check his mod and endorse it.

Thanks and credit to SemiPr0, ngabber86 and LaEspada for testing, feedback and taking the screenshots used here.


Please do not upload this mod in another website without my express consent.
The resources used in this mod are meshes created by other authors and modified by me, used here with express permission from them. If you want to use these resources, I think you'll need permission from them. From my part you have my permission as long as you remember to CREDIT ME and include a link to my mod. (Yes I had my work used without my permission and without credits before. Is it so hard to send a private message?)