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A collection of Dances converted for Skyrim. Available in Electronic and Pop music.

Permissions and credits
Want some Unimmersive but Fun dancing? Try this!

What's this all about?
A collection of Dances converted for Skyrim use.
We refer to them as "Dance Packs", dance plug-ins for Dance Synchronizator by RSV

Only 1 Dance Pack can be used each game if you're using DS Light
I haven't tried DS 3.2 yet but it allows you to use more than 1 song each game.
(See Uninstall for notes)

1. Required - IMPORTANT!
Dance Synchronizator (DS Light Masterfile) by RSV

DS Installation: Place files inside the Data folder

How to use: Adds Spells under Alteration (See troubleshooting if they don't appear!)
- DS Choose Yourself - Player is set as dancer
- DS Select Dancer - Choose NPC as dancer (5 Dancers Max)
- DS Dance Start - Starts the Dance Sequence / Stop Dance
- DS Disband Group - Disbands / Releases the Dancers from being included
- DS Settings - Other settings such as Camera, TAI, TCL commands

2. Installation
Make a backup save first as a precaution!
Install using NMM or simply copy the BSA and ESP files inside your Data Folder

3. Uninstall
Stop Dancing spell before uninstalling! Otherwise, it may cause unwanted issues.
The dance is a scripted event!

Remove/Uncheck using NMM or delete the BSA and ESP files

4. Demos
See Videos tab for complete list

5. Recommended Mods
RSV has also converted other nice dances. See it here:
Female Facial Animation by nao4288

6. Compatibility
Works with anything (contact me for problems)
No FNIS required

Minor issues:
Simple multiple followers - Might cause animation conflict disabling the dance altogether with followers recruited using this mod
Reverb Mods - Songs with loud beats/bass may cause unwanted feedback

7. Permissions
- You may use my dance packs however you wish
- But if you'll use my hkx files, please credit me or link back

- Please do not upload my files elsewhere
- Do not redistribute the Dance Synchronizator as the original author (RSV) forbids it

8. Troubleshooting
- Song repeats after Dance: Press [Esc] wait for 5-10 seconds and the song will stop
- Song does not Sync with Dance: The dance and song are separate files and if you have multiple scripts running, there might be a delay between them
- Formation is messed up: Motions are converted using same height models, if you have a short dancer, it might cause difference in movement speed and location
- 5 Dancers do not Sync: Before the song starts, press '~' to bring up console, then wait for all NPCS to be in starting position then remove console, voila!
- DS Spells not appearing: Instead of using Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager, install DS Light "MANUALLY". By Manually, you have to extract the zip archive and place the files on their respective folders. - Suggested by jackpeculier

9. Credits
- RSV for the original Dance Mod, Scripts and Templates. And for all the necessary tools and tutorials for conversion
- Umpa for his blender tools
- Bethesda for creating such a wonderful playground for everyone!
- All Authors of the Motions
- rxkx22 for his awesome mods (Dancers in the Videos): Bijin Warmaidens, rk Followers
- ko lin of YouTube for his video, thanks!

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