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Added: 30/12/2011 - 02:14PM
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Update Note:
I have added String files to my latest version now, it will fix the description bugs, but you must be aware that if you activate Weapon Weights Adjustments.esp and remove the Weapon Weights Adjustment String files from data/strings folder, your game will crash on start menu. I do not know yet why this happens. Thank you for downloading and please report any new bugs.

I've made a full realistic weight adjustment for every single item in Skyrim. It is in kilograms and please take note that some armors and weapons doesn't use realisitc design or materials, so I added a few more grams to fit those better.

-Fixed items description bug, it's on my latest file, download it and enjoy.
-Added a Weightless Gold Coin file as suggested, just place it in skyrim/data folder.

=++== IMPORTANT -- READ THIS =++==

I reccomend using the command 'player.forceav carryweight 70~100 (choose which fits your character weight better). It will make your carrying capacity realistic as well, making your game experience even more coherent.

How to install and use command.

-Put files inside Skyrim/Data folder
-Load your saved game
-Press ''(tilde) and then type as follow: player.modav carryweight (choose your value) and then Enter.

This should change your carrying weight permanently.

Hope this work for everyone, thanks.