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Three small mods to add bathing rooms to Heljarchen Hall, Lakeview Manor and Winstad Manor.

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Apologies to all users of this mod for my complete lack of updates! This has been a very hectic year for me and I'm currently without internet on my home computer, but that will be all sorted within the next few weeks. I'm taking as many suggestions for improvements/tweaks on board as I can, and I will be ensuring compatibility with the major needs & survival mods, plus adding a merged version for people who use all three houses. Thank you so much for your lovely comments and suggestions.

Updated 26/Dec/'13: Fixed the issue where the Lakeview Trapdoor was in the wrong location.

As a user of Ryan B's 'Drink, Eat, Sleep, Bathe' mod, I noticed one problem when my character needed a bath while living in Heljarchen Hall. There was no nearby water source where she could wash in private. Instead, she'd have to run several minutes to go bathe by a main road. It was a little less than ideal, even without the dragons. Thusly, I decided to make this as an unobtrusive, hopefully not jarring addition to the game, since I couldn't find anything similar. After some thought, I decided to make it usable for the other two hearthfire houses, since why not.

The entrance trapdoors are located in the Entryway/Small House section of the houses, to the left near the front door.

This is my first attempt at a mod, so it IS more function than form. However, as I become more experienced with the CK, I intend to spruce this up.

Requires Heathfire, for obvious reasons. Does NOT require Drink, Eat, Sleep, Bathe, but was designed with it in mind.

Also uploaded to the Steam Workshop, under SarahSyna.