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Adds a craftable Stalhrim Crossbow and bolts completely unique model and texture, well 99% unique anyway.

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Craftable Bolts

About: I personally got tired of the fact their was no Stalhrim Crossbow nor had anybody endeavored to make one so I did. It's not a re-texture it's an entirely new model. I used one part from the original Dawnguard crossbow that being the roller nut (Thing that holds the string back). Textures all are custom mapped bump mapped etc. Bolts are added with in game resources. Collision works properly and so forth no bugs to speak of except for a small issue with clipping of bolts through the very front of the bow. This is expected to occur otherwise the bolt would look silly floating in mid air off the crossbow. The crossbow is narrow it is this way by design I might make a wider version if people want.

I hope to have permission to release my customization of existing crossbow mods as well at some point currently waiting on a response from the respective parties.

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Feel free to submit photos of your using this mod :D