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Added: 24/12/2013 - 01:54PM
Updated: 31/03/2017 - 05:21PM

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Last updated at 17:21, 31 Mar 2017 Uploaded at 13:54, 24 Dec 2013

No port/support for Console Mods!

Please remember, we're not helping or support pirates.
Please delete all files before updating to the latest version.

The "Credo - Medieval Skyrim Overhaul" project is an armor replacement mod for faction- and guard armors. The goal of the mod was to create a more
Medieval, yet immersive feeling to the game. It affects the guards of all the holds aswell as the Imperial and Stormcloak factions. It will also aim to replace various other vanilla armors aswell.

All known bugs should be fixed at the moment, so you shouldn't worry about game instability.

The following armors have been replaced by new meshes and textures:
- Hold guards
- Stormcloaks (Soldiers, officers and Ulfric Stormcloak )
- Imperials (Soldiers, Penitus Oculatus and General Tullius)
-Ebony (Actus' Dark Coat of Plates)
-Steel (Actus Silver Coat of Plates, 2 lightly different meshes)

Please give Kudos to every person on the Credits, they all deserved it

Actus- the father of the Project, thanks for all

Witcher5688 - Some Armor design, mostly CreationKit work

Luddemann - for creating a lot of Armors

TheMedievalsKnight -for helping to rigg our Armors and design of the Imperial Armors

Waffenbaum - helping on Shield designs

Fenriks - for helping to rigg our Armors

Derok - for help to rigg our Armors

L0rd0fwar - for helping to rigg our Armors

Gauthie - for helping to rigg our Armors

nivea - for her excellent fur cloak meshes and textures

nikinoodles - for the Cloak meshes and textures, can be found on stormcloak oficer Armor

SilentStorm - Beta Testing

0921122040 - Beta Testing

CyrusAmell - Beta Testing

RayFox - Description Overhaul

Q: can you add those Pauldrons to this...?
A: Sorry, no.

Q: Can I upload this to xyz?
A: Totally no!

Q: Found a bug. xyz Armor is still Vanilla!
A: Not a bug, we don't have enough Armors.

Q: Make Multiple modules for each faction!
A: No, not until the mod is 100% complete

Q: Why do you made this? Skyrim with medieval armors is not lore-friendly!
A: Don't like it? Don't add any comments and leave this mod-page now

Q: Go and upload the damn new update vx.y!
A: These polite comments are the reason that you must wait a bit longer for new files

Q: Where are these damn future plans?
A: Well... isn't it clear? More models? Weapons? etc.?

Q: I love you for this <3
A: Uhm not really a faq but thanks? :D

Q: xxx is invisible, any ideas to fix?
A: steam or pirated copy?
Q: pirate
A: you won't get any help. get your ship, you're not welcome at this harbour.

Q: What does the 4x on the changelog mean? Like this one Guards (12x)
A: It's the number of Armors I've added or replaced in the game. 9 holds + 3 officers = 12 Guard Armors

Q: Can you port this to *insert console name here* ?
A: Nope, where won't be any support or mod port for consoles

Console codes for the standalone version

Imp Elite Cuirass: xx001DCA
Imp Elite Gloves: xx001DCB
Imp Elite Helm: xx001DCC

Imp General Cuirass: xx001DCD
Imp General Gauntlets: xx001DCE
Imp General Greaves: xx001DCF

Scout Boots: xx001DD0
Scout Cuirass: xx001DD1
Scout Gloves: xx001DD2
Scout Helm: xx001DD3

Son of Skyrim Chestpiece: xx001DD4

Squire Leather Cuirass: xx001DD5

SC General Cuirass: xx001DD6

SC Squire Boots: xx001DD7
SC Squire Cuirass: xx001DD8

SC Veteran Boots: xx001DD9
SC Veteran Cuirass: xx001DDA
SC Veteran Helm: xx001DDB

Several crafting recipes require the Advanced Armors perk. There's also, for the lazy, to the left just behind the Winking Skeever in Solitude a chest containing all the armours.