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Adds Silver Crossbow Bolts to Skyrim which you can buy and craft.

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Thank you to all of you who endorse this mod! It keeps me going!

This mod adds Silver Crossbow Bolts to Skyrim! These you can buy at General Goods Stores, and Blacksmiths. These bolts are stronger than steel bolts and weaker than dwarven bolts (base damage), but they are effective against undead. The bonus damage is 36 points of the most recent release.

What makes this mod different than other Silver Bolt mods?
First: this mod is a standalone mod, meaning you'll only get the silver crossbow bolts.
Second: this mod is highly compatible with most mods (if you find a compatibility issue, let me know immediately).
Third: I work hard to make my bolts appear more than just gray and white. The bolts have red feathers instead of white to give the bolt a more appealing appearance.

NOTICE: Be sure to re-equip the silver bolts every time you download an update. Otherwise, its 12 base damage will not apply to the crossbow.

WARNING: After updating to version 1.03, I highly recommend you clean your saves as certain FormIDs don't exist anymore.


To craft: you need one silver ingot and one firewood for 10 bolts. No Smithing Perks required.

Compatibility Issues:
The mod is now standalone. It should have no compatibility issues unless you're using version 1.02.1 or lower.

DLC Requirements:
- Dawnguard

Other Mod Requirements:
- None.

Recommended Mods:
- Convenient Crossbows, and it has no compatibility issues that I know of. This makes it so you can get a crossbow immediately since my silver bolts are available even when you haven't gotten a crossbow from the Dawnguard.
- If you want to be sneaky, then get crossbow sneak attack sound remover. It removes the loud sound the crossbow makes (not the firing sound, though), in order to allow sneak attacks.

How to install with manual download:
- Just extract everything into your Skyrim/Data folder.

How to uninstall with manual download:
- Delete "silverbolts.esp" from your Data folder.
- From your Data folder, go to: textures/dlc01/weapons/crossbow and delete "", "" and ""
- From your Data folder, got to: meshes/dlc01/weapons/crossbow and delete "silverbolt.nif" and "silverboltprojectile.nif"

Install/Uninstall with NMM:
- This simple mod just requires you to install it like other mods. Activate it, and it'll be in your game. To uninstall, just use the de-activate mod option, and then (if you want to) click on the X to delete it.

Plans for later Updates:
- Possibly make it so Silver Bolts will stick in walls and other objects.

Version 1.04
- Error fixed in the absolute paths for the .nif files. Thanks to Kelsenellenelvian for noticing!
- Slightly decreased the appearance of Silver Bolts at vendors.

Version 1.03
- Perk requirement removed entirely. Base races no longer have it. You no longer need to add the perk through the console to get the bonus damage.
- Replaced spell with an 'explosion' effect to apply the bonus damage; no visual effects.
- Changed in-game description again.
- Big thanks to _Robbie from the skyrimmods subreddit for all the help.

Version 1.02.1
- Been awhile! Vampires are now affected by these Silver Crossbow Bolts.
- Increased amount of Silver Bolts to appear.
- Dawnguard will now sell 20 Silver Bolts at all times, like they sell 100 Steel Bolts.
- In-game description changed.

Version 1.02
- Crafting fixed. Thanks to ZeroSaber39's testing.

Version 1.01
- Mod cleaned of dirty edits with TES5Edit.

Version 1.00
- New look--based off Dwarven Bolts--and a shiny tip. Credits to MTichenor for teaching me how and allowing me to use his shiny cubemap from SkyRealism - Shiny

Version 0.99.1
- Mod has been made to be compatible with mods with other silver bolt mods like Better Vampires.

Version 0.99
- Tip is a little whiter now, but does not shine.
- Silver bolts appear more at random in shops now (meaning, they are not always in the shop)
- Raised the price due to the Bolt's power versus undead.
- Removed "Ignore Weapon Resistance" from the bolt to balance it better.

Version 0.98
- Update: A bug in which the damage wasn't being dealt unless an enchantment connected with the target was fixed. Now bonus damage is constant (credits to JamesTG for helping me out, yet again).

Version 0.97
- Update: Stormcloak and Imperial Quartermasters now sell silver bolts and the damage versus undead has been modified to be consistent.

Version 0.96
- Update: Solitude merchants were missing silver bolts, they now sell them.

Version 0.95
- Updated version: bolts now deal damage to undead (credits to JamesTG for helping me out).

Version 0.90
- First release!

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome! Also, please notify me of any compatibility issues with other mods, especially other silver bolt mods.