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A collection of sound overhauls and new additions for various categories.

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NOTE: This is a modular version of just the miscellaneous changes from Immersive Sounds - Compendium. For more in depth information please refer to Compendium's description page.
The module should have the same content found in Compendium, but it's good to always assume that Compendium is the most up to date version.

Skyrim is a loot game. You are constantly picking up items wherever you go. You feel compelled to keep doing it, even if you know you probably don't need that low level stamina potion that much. So why then are you mostly just listening to a generic, featureless leather foley sound when picking things up, unlike other RPGs or Action RPGs (including previous TES entries) that always give you satisfying contextual feedback for what you're picking up?
This mod fixes this by making sure you'll always hear an appropriate sound for many items in the game, like potions, gems and jewelry, lockpicks, etc.

Several of these types of sounds have been redone. I thought in several cases they sounded kind of weak and especially in the case of treasure chests didn't quite evoke the excitement I wanted from opening a chest full of shiny loot.

Optional install choices include revised dungeon ambiance, silent sneak attack, silent left hand equip, and Oblivion style skillup cue.