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Expanded version of the original adding a total of 3 places to sleep in shelters on High Hrothgar and added a hot spring on the mountain near the first cabin. Fixed "bed bug" see apology.

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Kursan Presents : HighHrothgar Shelters & Hotspring


Because its cold up there brrrr....

As the name implies there are now several shelters on the highest mountain in Skyrim.
Besides the original half way point "Trolls Rest" up the path of a thousand steps, there is now a second small cabin to give shelter at the very top of "the throat of the world" called "The last Refuge".

Now there is also a Hotspring under that rock overhang that lies to the right of the path going up, just a little ways past the first cabin "Trollsrest". The springs are actually hot and so will warm you if you use Frostfall, still in a blizzard it does NOT replace a cabin as shelter, so be careful.

After all they drag your ass all the way up the tallest mountain and then do not even offer you a bed to spend the night?
This aims to correct that and simply adds a bed in an unobtrusive corner of the monastery; there is also a small bedside table tucked into a corner for safe storage, but the impact on the monastery is very minimal and I made NO alterations to the existing content.

I have fixed ownership on all beds in the Cabins in 1.4, my sincere apologies for not catching that sooner.

Here is a nice video offering from ApplesAlmighty that shows the shelters in the environment they were made for. (Does not show the bed at the Monastery).

The cabin at the top of the mountain is to the left of the path right before you enter through the gap to reach the plateau where Phartunax resides. Obviously you have to be at a certain point in the main quest to be able to get that far up the mountain.
The inside is a simple one room furnished with the bare necessities, and yes a burning fire place :)
There are two beds and a bedroll, plenty of food and a storage chest. There is a woodcutting block outside and the view from there is fantastic! Hope you enjoy your stay, now there is a place to recoup after your encounter with Alduin :)

The first cabin you will encounter however sits along the path about half way up to
HighHrothgar known by the locals as "Trolls Rest".

Like the cabin on the top of the mountain this one features also very basic amenities to provide mainly shelter, heat and food. Neither are intended as a player homes although there is safe storage in chests and you could set up there for awhile.
Besides a place to sleep and cook, both cabins have a tanning rack inside and a wood chopping block outside.
There are some food supplies at both cabins but not much else; they are sparse on purpose
because they are supposed to be realistic rugged mountain shelters, albeit of different building styles.

There is one special item, a very useful Ring at the first cabin "Trolls Rest", if you can find it; read the note on the bedside table to get a hint for where to look.
The cabins are Navmeshed so they should work for followers.

This mod also makes a small change with a big impact in another location; it ads a large cooking spit over the fire pit in Jorvaskar the Companions hall. I felt that a place to cook was sorely lacking at Jorvaskar, after all it is a feasting hall!
This is such a small change I made for my own game that I did not want to create a separate esp to add to my long load order just for a single cooking spit, so I attached it to this small mod.
The companions seem to like it, I hope you will like it too ;)

If you go up the mountain for the first time, and every time after a full re-spawn cycle, you will have to deal with the Troll in the ravine before reaching the first cabin; the cabin is located under the overhang within the ravine. You may be able to get in before the Troll and there are healing potions inside, but then you have to deal with it on the way out.
At night you can see the stars through the smoke hole in the roof, even though the cabin sits under an overhang, but that is a cosmetic detail that does not bother me, besides its romantic :)

V-1.4 Fixed ownership on beds! Major fopa on my part and I apologize for not catching this sooner. All beds are now neutral and have no ownership.
Reduced light sources in the "Last Refuge" second cabin at the top of the mountain. Changed the bedroll to a forward facing only for sleep animations.
Added a hot spring along the path near the first cabin "Trollsrest", is heated and works with Frostfall.
This version includes the cooking spit at Jorvaskar!
Cleaned again with TES5Edit.

Added a file version (1.3-b) without the cooking spit at Jorrvaskr, otherwise identical to original.

I hope you enjoy these places and please endorse!


Best to use the NMM button and activate in your load order; or for manual installation just drop the esp file into your Skyrim Data folder and make sure its box is ticked in your Load order menu.


None I am aware of for the mountain locations, so far I do not think there is other real estate in these parts of the mountain.
Like I said the bed in the monastery is tucked into an empty corner, it is unlikely another mod will conflict unless it drastically redesigned the monastery.

As for the cooking spit in the companions hall, any mod that alters that hall is likely to conflict but then it may not, you just have to try it out. If you do not want the cooking spit then just delete it in the CK.

Credits and liability:

Thanks to Bethesda for this one of a kind game!
Special thanks to my wife who understands my need to retreat to Skyrim regularly...
This mod was cleaned with TES5 Edit, I am not responsible if anything goes wonky after installing this mod.
Remember to always test a new mod on a save you do not mind loosing, back up so you can return to a point before any new mod.