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The Forest Shack - Player Home

This was a request from Glory4Lyfe, where she wanted a small player home styled for a Bosmer. I hope you like it, Glory! :) Everyone, please note I am leaving for the week as soon as I upload this file and cannot do any more requests until Sunday. Also, forgive my typos, it's been a while since I slept.

The Forest Shack is small but cosy player home nestled along the road to Falkreath on the shores of Lake Ilinalta and a stone's throw away from Halfmoon Mill. The Bosmer owner of the shack, Conor, lives there peacefully but gets a bit lonely so he offers up for free to any adventurer who wants the main shack to rest and store items in.

The shack has no load screens, so don't worry about being slowed down for your adventures! There's plenty of storage, from a strong box to weapon racks, plaques and chests. Every container around the area is safe. It's also nav-meshed, so it's completely follower friendly, and the bed in the main shack gives the player a well-rested bonus. Overall, it's extremely lore friendly, with nothing out of place (such as a Dwemer chest, lol!) and lots of nice friendly clutter.

Full features:
* All crafting stations
* Two beds
* Cluttery goodness
* Nav-Meshed
* Fus Roh Dah proof
* A rather handsome Bosmer ranger follower named Conor (who's also able to be married!)
* Dock
* Vegie garden
~ And more! ~

I also do plan on updating this, mainly because I was rushed to finish it and didn't fit in as many things as I wanted. Conor will also become a merchant (selling pelts and other hunting gear) and I wish to add in another Bosmer, a female trainer. I want to add in more storage (because there is never enough, right?) and perhaps another shack for followers... I don't know right know. Suggestions welcome!



Download and drop the file into your data folder. Place meshes into the appropriately named folders.
Or just use the NMM.
To uninstall, just remove the file.


Anything that doesn't occupy cells -9, 16; -10, 16

Anything that does occupy cell -9, 16; -10, 16

=====Permissions and Credits=====
This mod is not to be uploaded anywhere but the Skyrim Nexus. Please report to me if you see this anywhere else.
Thanks to Bethesda for creating a great game and letting us fiddle with it.
I also want to give a big thank you to Eiries for taking such gorgeous screenshots!

Thanks for reading and check my page for more mods!