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Large, open player home similar to Drangonsreach.

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New Optional Files:

Dragonsmount is now adoption friendly thanks to Hearthfire multiple adoptions by TMPhoenix. You still need to meet all vanilla game criteria to activate Hearthfires, but then you can move your family to Dragonsmount after using the Bless this Home spell. Obviously the HearthFires DLC is required for this optional file.

Displays have also been added for several collectables like Dragon Priest Masks, Dragon Claws, Paragons, etc. Please see the credits section below as these displays are not my work and the original authors deserve a big thanks. All three official DLC's are required if you want to use this optional file.

You will require version 1.4 of Dragonsmount if you wish to install either/both of these optional files.


A large but not sprawling player home, great for multiple companions that you won't need to spend 10 minutes looking for when you need them :)
I always wanted a custom Dragonsreach style home and great hall, so I built this house to my specific needs but I decided to share it for anyone else who might be looking for something similar.

Though not built as a military fortress, its location on steep and rocky hills between two stone towers makes it a formidable controlling presence over the western area of Whiterun Hold. Its elevation allows for vast 360 degree observation over the surrounding valley from Rorikstead to Whiterun itself.

It has all basic amenities and crafting stations so it’s suitable for any style player, but there is nothing over-powered to break game balance, not even NPCs to train you or buy your stolen goods at premium prices ;) There is also plenty of storage and display capacity:

20 weapon racks (4x5) in trophy area
17 additional weapon racks throughout the home
10 mannequins
6 shield and weapons plaques
6 regular weapon plaques
4 display cases for manual placement of any items you wish
6 bookshelves throughout the home

All nine divine shrines are also included as well as Nocturnal's.

Stylistically, I’m a “less is more” kind of guy. I don’t like to place a ton of items everywhere as I would rather the player be able to decorate to their own specific preferences. So if you’re looking for a home bursting at the seams with pre-placed clutter, this one may not be for you.

There is an optional Trader's Chest (see credits below) that will satisfy all your loot selling needs without having another NPC merchant to trip over.
It places a chest outside on the entrance platform that automatically sells anything you put in it within 24 hours (gametime) for a 10% fee.

There is also an optional Library area mod, courtesy of valerain, which adds several bookshelves and a few other small changes to the War Room. Check it out if you have a penchance for collecting books like he does!

Lastly, please endorse this mod if you like it, this will give me some sense of interest out there for continued improvements. Thank you!

Change Log:

Please see Changes tab above for list of version changes.

Installation & Uninstallation:

Main File - Easy, just use NMM or unzip esp file into Skyrim Data folder.
Traders Chest - If using NMM, you will be prompted with Upgrade window, select "No" in order to install normally.

Reqirements & Conflicts:

Dragonsmount base mod does NOT require any DLC.
Additional optional files require DLCs as listed above.
Location conflict with Konahriks Accrouments cave entrance.
Location conflict with Undercity Continuation Project city entrance.

Recommended Mods:

My choice to not populate Dragonsmount with any NPCs may make you feel lonely if you're the sensative type ;) However, as several comment posters have pointed out, Sokco's Guild Starter is a great companion mod for this home.

Also, because this home has mulitple levels, using Multiple Floors Sandboxing will improve your followers sandbox behaviour by having them utilize the upper level while idle.


The usual nods go to Bethesda for making this game and the Nexus for providing this great community platform we all share.
I would also like to thank Jokerine for his/her mod Ironwood Homestead which inspired me to create my own Dragonsreach style home.

The optional Dragonsmount Traders Chest is simply a revision of Traders Chest at Riverside Lodge by Jun3d1. All credit goes to him for this functionality, I just moved the chest to Dragonsmount and cleaned the esp with TES5edit.

The optional DM_Display file uses Displays - Dragon Claw and others by skyrimlazz. It is also worth noting Lazz subsequently credits Sjogga and Grathagis for parts of this mod.

Thanks to TMPhoenix for the patience to answer all my questions as I tried to get Dragonsmount working with adoptions.