Katria Follower from Lost to the Ages by WolFishy
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Last updated at 21:31, 8 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 21:40, 21 Dec 2013

I really liked the Lost to the Ages quest and having Katria help me out in the few fights during that quest so I thought I'd be fun to have the possibility of having her as a permanent follower in the actual game.

This mod adds a journal to the Aetherium Forge area written by Katria after her and the Dragonborn part ways at the end of the Lost to the Ages quest. Upon reading the diary, Katria is re-summoned to the forge room as a recruitable, fully-voiced follower.
(Not Katria's original voice as that had no dialogue for follower commands but the new voice sounds very similar :) )

UPDATE: Due to request from lots of users, I have now added an alive, marriageable Katria to the Optional Files section of the Files tab :)

Dawnguard is needed as she is based on Katria's in-game model

So far I can confirm Katria works with AFT and UFO

This mod is also available on Steam Workshop. If you'd prefer to download it there, follow this link or Search "Katria" in Workshop; you should be able to spot it there :)

I'm a brand new modder on here so please let me know what you think and any problems or issues you may have :)