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Medium sized player-home. Everything is nicely placed, warm lights, storage for you and your follower. Containers are labeled for easier storage/finding. Take a look for more information.

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Description updated: May 8, 2017

Please use my forum for support. Thank you.

A modest home gifted to the Dragonborn studying under the tutelage of the Greybeards. Set into the mountain side the home is a short distance from High Hrothgar and Ivarstead. This is an improved version of the mod by en3raider. Permission and approval is given. Thank you again. :)

Take a look on the changelog to see what has changed between his and my version.


Added a sharpening wheel to the crafting room.


The crafting room is now bigger!

Added a new container for Crossbows. You can find it near the container for Bows ( Crafting Room ).
Added a new container for Crossbow Ammo.
Added a new container for Paragons ( Dawnguard Items )
Added a new container for Rings. ( Armory Room )
Added a new container for Circlets. ( Armory Room )
Added a new container for Crowns. ( Armory Room )
Added a new container for Necklaces. ( Armory Room )
Added 6 safe containers to the crafting room.
Added 8 more mannequins. ( Requested by pithonas, thanks. )
Added 12 rugs to make it an even more warmer place.
Added two static greybeards to honor them. They let you live in a home of them afterall. :)
Added more decorations.
Added a smelter to the crafting room.
Added a small table with a note to the main hall.
Added some idle markers.
Added a new merchant to the crafting room. Meet Mo'Zah Hannumahni, the Blacksmith & Merchant.

Replaced the book container with an actual book shelf. Your placed books are now visible.
Replaced some forgotten non-flickering lightings with flickering ones.
Replaced some rugs.
Replaced SoVThrone01 with NorThroneShadow. You couldn't sit on it.

Deleted a plant/decoration to make place for a mannequin.
Deleted two misplaced light sources.

Fixed position of the Heavy Armor container.
Fixed position of the Meridia Statue.


Fixed a misspelled word of a container.
Fixed light overlapping. Hopefully no more texture flickering.
Fixed one light at entrance from FXfireWithEmbersHeavy to FXFireWithEmbersOff.
Fixed/Added navmesh in some places.
Fixed the gap outside.

Replaced three FXfireWithEmbersHeavy to FXfireWithEmbersLight at the entrance.
Replaced the staff container model with the same model as the survival container.
Replaced the enchanting table. The previous one was not high enough so that the player was not able to lean his hands on the table.
Replaced some of the plants so that there is more variety.
Replaced the wall behind the shields to better match the other walls around.
Replaced some light sources with other ones. ex: DefaultTorch01NS_NoMove to DefaultTorch01NS

Changed one door to inaccessible. It led nowhere.
Changed the position of four banners to align better with the environment.
Changed the map marker. Now you can fast travel even if you haven't discovered it yet.

Increased the radius and brightness of some lightning sources.

Removed one banner. It was a duplication and not needed.
Removed a misplaced potion floating in the air.
Removed the bluelightFX above the DaedricArtifacts container.
Removed fog in some positions.
Removed 2 benches to replace with 2 display cases.
Removed one light source near the enchanting table to fix lighting overlapping.

Added fog to some positions.
Added COC marker to the entrance. ( Console: coc LowHrothgar )
Added 2 new shelfs with decorations.
Added a few more sconges.
Added soil to all the planters. Plants can't grow without soil.
Added 2 planters to align nicely to the rest.
Added 4 lightpedestals with light sources.
Added a second NobleWallShelf01 with soulgems behind the enchanting table.
Added 9 more lightning sources for a warmer ambient.
Added a fireplace infront of the shieldwall.
Added 2 occlusion planes for performance.
Added 5 display cases for weapons.
Added 2 books on a wallshelf near the alchemy station. They act as a container!
Added a firepit to the crafting room.
Added some more clutter to the dining table in the middle.
Added 6 coin purses throughout the mod. Happy Hunting. :)
Added a statue of Dibella as clutter.

Added a complete new room called "Armory" to the mod. Nicely integrated to match the rest of the mod.
Added 6 mannequins to the armory.
Added 4 weapon racks with each 3 holders to the armory. ( 3x4 = 12 weapons )

All light sources with no flickering changed to flickering. ex: Torches.

Added a campfire.
Added four more fire/light sources.
Added a few more trees.
Added an empty food barrel.
Added a road sign to Ivarstead.
Added a abandoned cart with a human body. Sadly.
Added some more clutter as decoration.

Removed SkyrimCloudDistant. Casting spells like "Flames" were not proberly shown if used on/in the area with SkyrimCloudDistant.

Note: I'll probably release an addon to the mod which is aimed for people who use the "Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival" mod.

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en3raider for giving me permission to improve and upload the mod.

In addition to the social profiles above, you can follow me on my website and stay tuned for updates and other mods.