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  1. meh321
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    Here are some common problems, some of them can be fixed.

    IMPORTANT! -> Fixes require you to edit configuration. Open the configuration file in Data/SKSE/Plugins/FirstPersonPlugin.txt, if your game was running while you edited then you can reload it with Numpad 8 or by restarting game.

    How to completely disable IFPV from activating automatically
    You may find yourself in a situation where you want to use some of the features of the mod but don't want the actual first person camera overwrite. To disable this find "bZoomIntoIFPV" in the configuration file, then change:

    !set bZoomIntoIFPV true
    !set bToggleIntoIFPV true


    !set bZoomIntoIFPV false
    !set bToggleIntoIFPV false

    That's all.

    Mountain textures flicker (version 3.3 or lower)
    Search for the line {Main}. Under it is this:
    +set fNearClip 7.0
    Try increasing it slightly until flicker goes away, for example 9. It will make very nearby objects clipped a bit more! If you are using helmet cam there's not much you can do because the helmet would disappear if you increase it in its profile.

    When I look down or up past 45 degrees the colors change (version 3.4 or higher)
    This is caused by ENB when changing fNearClip value. Open configuration and search {Main} under it is this:

    ;+set fNearClip 7.0
    ;-return fNearClip

    change it to this (remove the ; too):

    +set fNearClip 10
    -return fNearClip

    Downside: distant mountain flicker
    then go up a bit you will find two profiles named AdjustNearClipDown45 and AdjustNearClipUp45, change from:

    +set fNearClip 5.0


    +set fNearClip 6

    Downside: you may see your body clipping
    If it's still too noticable then you will have to ask your ENB author or make the values slightly more similar.

    Camera shakes too much
    It is already set to minimum amount of head bob. I don't know how else to make it better.

    Can see character face while running backwards
    You have installed 360 animations and they are not supported by my mod.

    Can't see wielded weapons
    No fix. This is because of how character holds weapon, go to third person camera and see where your character eyes are and then see where the weapons are. Camera is in eyes.

    Hard to aim bows
    You have two options:
    1. Use an animation replacer that changes bow aiming animation.
    2. Go to configuration file, search BowAimingInVanillaFirstPerson, few lines below it is disable, remove this line. Now bow aiming is in vanilla first person.

    Camera position is bad for my race or helmet
    1. (Normal race) Find !set fPositionOffsetHorizontal 0 in configuration, these three settings modify the position offset of camera. Horizontal is left or right, Vertical is down or up, Depth is backwards or forward. Change the numbers to your liking.
    2. (Werewolf) Find WerewolfForm in configuration, change the value where it says 10 to your liking.
    3. (Vampire Lord) Find VampireLord in configuration, change the value where it says 10 to your liking.
    If you want to change vertical position for werewolf or vampire lord then add these two lines there:

    +set fPositionOffsetVertical 0
    -return fPositionOffsetVertical

    and instead of 0 you can put what you want.
    4. (Helmet cam) Find HelmetCam in configuration, under it change the offsets.

    Can't look left or right after some angle
    This is intentional, otherwise you would end up looking your character in face. You can enable turning character after a certain angle has been reached. To do this open configuration and search LeftTurn and few lines below it is disable, remove this line. Then also search for RightTurn and do the same.

    Can't go into vanilla first person anymore
    My mod overwrites vanilla first person by default, but you can also set up a custom hotkey for my mod, so that you can have all three views possible. To do this open configuration and find !bindkey 0x69 in configuration. Remove the ; character before that line. Then find !set bZoomIntoIFPV true and set this to false instead of true. Below it is another line for toggling, set that to false as well. 0x69 is numpad 9. You can find a list of keys here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/dd375731%28v=vs.85%29.aspx

    After uninstalling, character looks into one specific spot all the time OR bow positioning is messed up
    Reinstall mod, go into my mod's first person view at least once, then exit my mod's first person view. Save game and uninstall again.

    After loading game, character looks into one specific spot all the time or head tracks weirdly
    Go into my mod's first person view and exit my mod's first person view.

    How to disable head tracking?
    Find {Main} in configuration and under it is this line:

    +set bHeadtrack true

    Change true to false.

    How to enable crosshair head tracking in third person view?
    Find line "!set bHeadtrack false" then set true instead of false.

    How to go vanilla first person when I take any weapon, magic or fists out?
    Search for CombatInVanillaFirstPerson, under it is a line with "disable". Remove that line.

    After uninstalling things are bad overall with first person view (camera in clouds, camera on horse feet, bow aiming goes extra far, camera is bouncing around, ...)
    Make sure the DLL file from Data/SKSE/Plugins/FirstPersonPlugin.dll got removed properly. Make sure you are not using Joy of perspective skeleton. Make sure you were not in my mod's first person view on that save game when you uninstalled.

    After uninstalling mod and Skyrim and formatting HDD and buying new computer and burning the old one things are still bad.
    Mod has found a way to transcend space and time and will haunt you forever.

    I want the MCM back, or other reasons that the mod sucks now.
    I rewrote the mod in version 2.0 and up from scratch. I didn't add back the MCM because it was too much work for me to do and I don't have time to do it, if you are a modder and want to do it send me PM. For others, you can use version 1.9 in the files section, that version still has MCM.

    Please don't send me PMs about problems you have with my mod. Post them here instead so others can see solutions as well. If I don't respond then I don't know the answer to your problem or it has been answered in this FAQ. Thanks for reading.
  2. Assanov
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    ppl how to hide head mesh in 1st p
  3. test117
    • member
    • 13 posts
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    This FP view is honestly more immersive and much better for the "Looking down" angle as you can see almost every "detail" from chest to knee. However in terms of combat this is actually awful, it feels very clunky and makes the game fee like ghost recon with swords. Would recommend for non-combat related games though for sure.
  4. pagorem
    • member
    • 131 posts
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    The camera when zooming goes from 3rd person view to 1st person view too soon when i use the mouse scroll button and i can't see my character's details from up close.What value do i have to edit so when zooming to make the distance between 3rd person camera and character smaller before it goes into 1st person?Thanks!
  5. purely0nothing
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    I'm having trouble getting my PC to look in a specific direction in third person. When I used this mod a couple years ago if i switched from 1st to 3rd person view my character would be looking in the direction I had the cursor pointed to and I could move the camera around and they'd keep looking where I was pointing when I first switched POV. When I'm using it this time, its definitely trying to work but switches out immediately. You see them looking in the right direction I had it in but it immediately snaps back to staring forward like vanilla. Tried using the cursor head tracking option and that's a bit better but what I'm really trying to do is get the head to stay in place while I move the camera around.
  6. Merancapeman
    • member
    • 66 posts
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    Since removing the MCM function, this mod's demand on the user to try and configure the settings like a coder have made it pointless. I just wanted a toggleable FPV mod, and instead I'm disabling half of it just so I don't derp up aiming a bow. Despite following the instructions, it won't work, and frankly it's not worth the hassle. I had this mod back when there was an MCM menu and loved it, but now it's too much of a job to get the settings just right. Thank you for your work, but I have to look elsewhere.
    1. HYP3RBE4ST
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      I mean it's really just setting things from "false" to "true" and thats about it. You'll need these skills for any mod with a configurable .ini file, or even just with Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini. Yeah, an MCM would be quicker, but we gotta make do with what we have. If you're still adamant about not using this mod i'd recommend Enhanced Camera instead.
    2. Guraka22
      • member
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      You can also use the 1.9 version of this mod, it's the version that still has the MCM, and it's the one I use to this day. I agree with you with how much of a hassle it is otherwise, you literally have to go to a file to change a few settings, and tab back to skyrim to see your changes. What makes it so bad is that you may have made a few -minor- changes like a slight shift to the left or right..and because you're tabbing out and back in, that's harder to notice. Sometimes, you even have to exit and come back to skyrim to see your changes! Yeah, it might have taken longer to put a MCM in when it was remade from scratch, what with life and such, but people are willing to wait.
    3. Sazie
      • member
      • 86 posts
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      It's definitely a lot faster and easier going into MCM to change settings, then it is to exit game and change config file then go back in game to check. That's one downside about not having MCM, and I never got to try this with MCM yet but I do prefer MCM then having to switch back and forth.

      So I'm probably just gonna switch to 1.9 since it's less annoying.
    4. Thjori
      • member
      • 166 posts
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      So stick with the 1.9 version if you want an MCM menu, which I DO, got it. When I saw in the mod review video dedicated to it that Immersive First Person View would let you see third person combat animations in FIRST person, it convinced me to switch from Enhanced Camera to it; before that discovery, I'd been largely AVOIDING most combat animation mods, as they only worked in THIRD person, and I typically prefer to play in FIRST person.

      But now that I know that I don't have to worry about that with this mod, I'm gonna go download them.

      But I DO have a question; what exactly is PROJECTING in this context? I wanna know so I can decide which 1.9 version file I wanna download.
    5. Sazie
      • member
      • 86 posts
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      Thjori, I have no idea but I would use the top one for 1.9

      It seems to be the newest one anyway of that version. Actually I just search of projecting, it has something to do with the field of view I guess? So maybe there's a slight difference in how it's handled by camera view?
    6. Sazie
      • member
      • 86 posts
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      Nvm, I tried out 1.9 and it's not working with any settings put on, it does some really annoy stuff like going back forth between first person and third person view. I tried changing it to only first person mode to activate but that didn't work, it just did the same thing and did a fresh new game while I was testing it.

      I think it's better to just stick with the latest one and deal with the annoyance of rebooting up skyrim to check settings.
    7. Thjori
      • member
      • 166 posts
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      Well that STINKS; I was wanting a first person camera mod that'd let me see those third person animations in first person. But I guess I'll just have to stick with the vanilla animations, as incompetent as they make both my AND all other warrior characters look. DANG IT!
  7. HydroBirous
    • member
    • 102 posts
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    Buggy as hell. Spending hours to config make me sick, then I realise it's not worthy.

    Since installing this mod, although in 3rd person's view I still see through the object, wall, ground, or even...through a dungeon ?

    Warning: You cannot uninstall this mod, it will haunt you until the horizon.
  8. johnwhite92
    • member
    • 58 posts
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    this mod is awesome thanks for this great mod
    but i have problem with something
    when i in 3rd person camera draw my weapon and then sheath it my camera gets zoom out automatically and i have to go to first person back to 3rd person to fix it
    is there a way to fix this?
    i really appreciated if anyone can help me
  9. Littlepanda115
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    • 42 posts
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    Almost perfect. Just one issue - The head bobbing for running is really... Snappy? It makes the game look like it's running at a low frame-rate since it seems to glitch up and down, rather than smoothly bob. Is this my game only, or is this just an issue right now? It really makes it infuriating to play with, which is a damn shame because everything else is working nigh-flawlessly.

    Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKGv-ad4Hxg&feature=youtu.be

    Sorry for the poor quality, I never used Windows' game bar before and, frankly, I don't plan to again.
  10. Rithareous
    • member
    • 57 posts
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    Is there a way to create a camera mode that, when a defined button is held, goes into true third person mode, and when not held reverts to IFPV?
  11. Mechwarrior94
    • member
    • 813 posts
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    Aiming and seeing your body in first person, yup noticed that as well. This should be addressed to make the mod better.

    However there are also very good things going on with this mod. Just stand still in first person and turn your camera to either left or right. You will notice your shoulder and do not turn right away either. In the real world you won't turn your entire body as you turn your head in any direction. It is rather getting used to in games as we all have been enjoying the camera doing the turning for us instead of moving like a actual human being. So this feature is actually something we should value very highly!

    For headtracking, I noticed something odd and interesting at the same time. Brand new character and no mods that should interfere with this one. I noticed my character looking at something and tracking it like a hawk. After a while I decided to walk that direction to see where it would lead me. It took me to the other side of Riverwood where the bard was working on gathering wood. Interesting, but this odd thing shouldn't happen obviously as it was not even in earshot.

    Now for looking down, this is a obvious thing EVERYONE does regardless of gender (typical human behavior) This is actually another feature that should be highly endorsed. Men can see what women see if they look down and women can see what men see if they look down. Interesting thing to learn about biology that you rather don't see in many other games or for that matter any other media. But aside from that, it is actually what you see on a daily basis with your own real body. Your brain ignores the fact unless the priority is high enough to actually notice it. If the brain did notice it always it would be a hell for each of us to get trough the day and we never get things done. So that's another huge plus point for this mod. I think this was addressed with the answer "Go into my mod's first person view and exit my mod's first person view." but this doesn't seem to work. Even after going all the way to Riften this still was the case. Even after this 'fix'.

    I however do agree with the MCM menu needing to get back, it's rather silly not to have it as it is clearly needed. It would be a lot easier to turn on/off specific features to see what works for each individual player.