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More Believable Carrying Weight

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Description: This is a very simple mod that changes the starting base carrying weight ability of all Playable Races and their Children, no you can't normally play as a Child, but I'm very particular about details like immersion and I didn't like how all Children by default can carry 300 pounds per Child so I changed that to.~

I did this for a more 'realistic' playing experience when it comes to
starting carrying weight abilities and because this had already been done but there were so many complaints about it that I thought I would just make one myself better for every one.~

The Children versions of these races have 1/3 the carrying weight ability of their Adult versions.~

Optional File: More Believable Carrying Weight & V is exactly the same as More Believable Carrying Weight, but also changes the Vampire Versions of the Playable Races and Children.

The following are exactly the ONLY changes made:

Base Carry Weight:

Argonian: 90 Base Starting Carry Weight

Brenton: 85 Base Starting Carry Weight
Brenton Child: 28 Base Starting Carry Weight

Dark Elf: 95 Base Starting Carry Weight

High Elf: 75 Base Starting Carry Weight

Imperial: 100 Base Starting Carry Weight
Imperial Child: 33 Base Starting Carry Weight

Khajiit: 80 Base Starting Carry Weight

Nord: 120 Base Starting Carry Weight
Nord Child: 40 Base Starting Carry Weight

Orc: 135 Base Starting Carry Weight

Redguard: 115 Base Starting Carry Weight
Redguard Child: 38 Base Starting Carry Weight

Wood Elf: 80 Base Starting Carry Weight

Requirements: Shouldn't be any requirements that I know of other than having the Skyrim game for PC.~

Compatibility: NO CHANGES were made to ANY OTHER RACES including the Vampire versions of the above races because Vampires are supernaturally strong and for compatibility.~

Put this AT THE BOTTEM of your mod load list for MAXIMUM compatibility, this should be compatible with mostly every thing although I always put this AT THE BOTTOM of my mod load list just in case, if you are using a Bashed Patch just place this BEFORE the Bashed Patch.~

I made this mod purely for the reason that
Realistic Carry Weight mod created by Everlive has so many complaints about compatibility: so many people are complaining that mod messes up their game by doing things it shouldn't do and it is outdated I thought, "It can't be THAT hard to make a mod that's compatible with most things, right? So I'll give it a shot.~"

This mod here made by me is what I have done to make all playable races and their children have more believable carrying weight abilities and I made this MAXIMUMLY COMPATIBLE WITH ALMOST EVERY THING UNLIKE THE OTHER MOD THAT TRIES TO DO THIS.~

I made this mod completely on my own from just the default Skyrim game.~

Recommendations: I recommend using this mod WITH MichaelDusk's and mine's other mod called Werewolves Unleashed if you like playing as a Werewolf and you want your STARTING Carrying Capacity to be some thing more realistic, place More Believable Carrying Weight AFTER Werewolves Unleashed in your mod order list.~

Werewolves Unleashed

I also recommend using my other mod Athletic Jump WITH More Believable Carrying Weight, Athletic Jump is a mod that changes the default ability to jump, jump distance, and fall damage height to be more 'athletic' some what more of a 'gymnast' athlete, perfect for trained stealthy agile characters, but still be realistic.~

Atheltic Jump

Also you can try my other mod called "Realistic Items' Weights and Values": a VERY simple mod that increases the weight and the value of many misc items in the game.~

Realistic Items


If you want to use all of my (and MichaelDusk's) mods together, then place them in this order:

Athletic Jump or Supernatural Jump
Werewolves Unleashed
Realistic Items' Weights and Values
More Believable Carrying Weight

Pictures: In-game screenshots were taken by myself and edited to show the base carry weight changes of each race, character creation screen and starting background location shown in screenshots is a combination of:



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